Controversial Succession Plan for Congress in Emergencies

In an article by JIM ABRAMS, Associated Press Writer, entitled “Congress Criticized Over Succession Plan” we have further evidence of planned usurpations of the U.S. Constitution – here again involving a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution contrary to all of the principles for which that wonderful document stands.

As Abrams reports, “The Continuity of Government Commission”, headed by former Senator Alan Simpson from Wyoming (here is a sample of Mr. Simpson’s “erudite” remarks) as well as Lloyd Cutler, former presidential adviser to various presidents, have backed approval of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution according to which the governors of the individual States could appoint members of Congress in an emergency situation.

This absurd idea has been opposed, even by Republicans.

Below are two men you can add to your list of the really “good guys“. [Note that I personally have no partisan preference, but on the pages of LawPundit, we will separate the “good guys” from the rest, regardless of their political party.]

As Abrams writes:

“House Judiciary Committee … Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., and Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier, R-Calif., prefer quick elections of new members instead of allowing governors to appoint House replacements. Appointments would erode the House’s status as a fully elected body, they said.”

further, quotes Abrams:

“I am concerned that beneath its plain-brown wrapper lies the constitutional equivalent of a computer ‘virus’ or ‘worm,'” Dreier said at a recent hearing on the issue. Dreier and Sensenbrenner have proposed that elections be held within 21 days in the event that 100 or more members are killed.

And finally,

A constitutional amendment,” Sensenbrenner said at a hearing, “would accomplish what no terrorist could, namely striking a fatal blow to what has otherwise always been ‘the People’s house.'”

Hear, hear, Mr. Sensenbrenner and Mr. Dreier. You are apparently men who understand the superb and necessary legal structure underlying the United States government, which can not be torpedoed for the sake of ephemeral problems.

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