Proper Legal Citation of URLs i.e. Internet Links

Proper Legal Citation of URLs i.e. Internet Links

In the case of RIAA v. Verizon,

United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit

Argued September 16, 2003 Decided December 19, 2003, No. 03-7015

an Internet URL, i.e. an Internet Link is cited as follows:

See John Borland, File Swapping Shifts Up a Gear (May 27, 2003), available at–1026–1009742.html, (last visited December 2, 2003).

It might be advisable for important links on blogs (and especially blawgs, i.e. legal blogs) to also be marked in the above manner, especially the date the link was last visited, since, alas, links and website pages do change over time.