US Citizenship "Born Here – Citizen Here"

US Citizenship “Born Here – Citizen Here”

Begging The Question has a thought-provoking posting – as also How Appealing – on Oforji v. Ashcroft, a case involving a Nigerian woman who was denied asylum even though her two girls, ages 6 and 4, are U.S. citizens due to the fact that they were born in the United States.

Since the LawPundit is himself a naturalized citizen, currently living in Germany, where the “born-here citizen-here” legal framework does not apply, we appreciate very much the extremely important nature of this citizenship issue for this and future generations.

With 6 billion people on this planet and growing, any person’s citizenship will increasingly be either a valuable asset or a liability, depending on the nation of that citizenship. Accordingly, the laws here must conform to the modern age.

We suspect that the “born-here citizen-here” principle is probably out of date for our era and should be seriously reviewed. Certainly the judicial result reached in the Oforji case offends any normal human’s sense of justice. Either we want immigrants and new blood in America or not – the people of US should be free to decide this – but mothers and children should not be potentially separated in this manner. It is simply “un-American”.