The Law, Civil Rights, Integration, Affirmative Action, and Diversity

The Law, Civil Rights, Integration, Affirmative Action, and Diversity

Adam Cohen in his January 18, 2004 article The Supreme Struggle in the New York Times writes about the course of US Supreme Court decisions on civil rights, integration, affirmative action and diversity ever since Brown v. Board of Education was decided nearly 50 years ago. It is an interesting read.

According to Cohen’s article, and comparing that with this article at, will the much hated school busing of children to achieve integration again be a political issue down the road?

School Busing
Will school busing again be an issue?

In the view of Law Pundit, forcing the “pledge of allegiance” on young school children – this from the right wing – is in the same category of tyranny as “school busing” – this from the left wing. Both use children as pawns in the ADULT’s political game. See this same political game in Northern Ireland. It is a highly offensive, reprehensible way to push one’s political goals by using children as the weapons of choice.

If adults want to achieve certain social goals, then it is up to them to push the “pledge of allegiance” at THEIR places of work – and if they want to achieve integration, then it is up to them to achieve it in THEIR institutions. As Pink Floyd correctly sings in “The Wall (Part II), albeit in another context with which we do not agree, but we do here: “Leave the Kids Alone”. Do not force your children (and especially not the children of OTHER people) to try to achieve what YOU as adults have not achieved. Rather, serve by example – then, and only then, will the children learn to do otherwise.