New .Pro domains for attorneys, physicians, accountants

New .Pro domains for attorneys, physicians, accountants

The .pro domain is available as of June 1, 2004 for attorneys, physicians and accountants.

RegistryPro is the exclusive operator of the new .pro domain and “is the first registry to require enhanced security through the issuance of digital certificates, an online passport that facilitates secure and confidential communications and transactions.”

The key element is that persons wishing to have a domain will have to undergo a verification process to be able to get such a domain – this will of course make the domains more exclusive and more valuable in the long run.

Domains such as “” will surely become more frequent due to this exclusivity and because of the enhanced security offered.

See the website for material specific to lawyers, which provides as follows:

The product bundle was exclusively conceived for lawyers and their firms to register a space on the Internet.

.Pro is Exclusive

All .Pro applicants must provide their professional credentials to qualify for .Pro membership. Once the credentials are electronically verified against the State bar assocaition, a postcard with a security code is mailed to the address on record. There is virtually no way a non-Attorney can even qualify for a

.Pro is Secure

Each member of .Pro receives a digital certificate tied to their domain name which allows attorneys to securely and confidently communicate with their clients, sources, and and other attorneys.

With the .Pro Digital Certificate, your clients will place trust and confidence in their communications with you and your practice.

.Pro is Professional

As all .Pro members must be an attorney or other professional, the content and services available under .Pro domain names is not likely to contain illicit or illegal material or gibberish so often found on the Internet.”

Bill Gates Touts Blogs and Blogging

Bill Gates Touts Blogs and Blogging

BBC NEWS reports that Bill Gates – at a keynote speech in Redmond, Seattle during Microsoft’s CEO Summit – has actively backed blogs for businesses, pointing out that blogs had advantages over traditional e-mail and website techonology. More than 700 people at Microsoft use blogs for communication.

It is to be expected that Microsoft will also be offering blog technology of its own soon.

View the full text of Gates’ speech and the Power Point presentation Seamless Computing.

Speech reference first encountered on lexBlog.

lexBlog – Blogging Services for the Legal Profession

lexBlog – Blogging Services for the Legal Profession

Kevin O’Keefe has moved his law blog from TypePad to Kevin’s new blog at his newly started lexBlog, a website providing blogging services to the legal profession.

lexBlog’s LawBasic service includes blog installation and set up, blog hosting, quality professional design, search engine optimization and marketing and blog support. And there is more….

We think that this is an idea whose time has come.