Blog Trackback Function Explained

Blog Trackback Function Explained

How does “trackback” work? See here at HaloScan for a good FAQ discussion or go to HaloScan’s specific Trackback page or go to Movable Type for specific blog platform implementations.

The Trackback Function

permits one trackback enabled blog

to notify a different trackback enabled blog

that the former blog

has referred to the latter blog

in one of its postings.

To get a trackback URL – which is then used to ping (“alert”) the blog being referenced – the user clicks the appropriate “trackback” link on the other blog (this is NOT the same as the permalink!).

For example, in the Ancient World Blog Stonehenge we have clicked the “trackback” link

at the permalink page

giving a pop-up with the following trackback URL for that blog entry.

This latter trackback URL is used to “ping” the blog to be notified about the posting.

We then went to the HaloScan “manage trackback” page (for registered members only) and entered the required information for this ping.

After the “ping” is sent, the “Trackback” is now listed.

UPDATE: We see that the Volokh Conspiracy uses a simple method to obtain what they label “Possible Trackbacks” which link the Volokh Conspiracy permalinks to Technorati.

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