The Right, The Left, Ideology, the Law and Tort Reform

The Right, The Left, Ideology, the Law and Tort Reform

Do you really want to know what is going on politically in the USA?

Although I myself tend to be centrist, with more right than left leanings, I refer here to David C. Johnson of the Commonweal Institute, who, in a speech entitled On Our Own? Tort Reform: An International Problem With International Solutions, gives an interesting analysis of modern politics at work in America, suggesting that political “ideology” is the motive force behind current legal and societal change, for example, in the alleged need for “tort reform”.

Regardless of your political affiliation, this article is a must read for anyone wishing to gain a broad understanding of the modern political processes at work in the background of events, especially in terms of how these processes relate to changes in the American  judicial system.