Galaxy – Music of the Stars – Synthesizer Music of the Earth and the Sky

Galaxy : Music of the Stars – Synthesizer Music of the Earth and the Sky

From, Let the music begin…

Galaxy : Music of the Stars is Synthesizer Music of the Earth and the Sky
The CD-ROM is 56.29 minutes. The Composer is Andis Kaulins who also does the Keyboards.
The Genre is Indy (Independent) Music.
The Copyright is @2004 by Andis Kaulins with all rights reserved
but play and copy these songs for free for your own private use only.
For commercial use, please contact the copyright holder.

Classical Piano Music Lovers try Track 10.
Our own favorites are Tracks 4, 11, 8 and 21.
Click on the link to hear the song on your media player.

Track 1 – Galactic Milk – 2:33 01-Galactic Milk-Andis Kaulins.mp3
Track 2 – Black Space – 2:27 02-Black Space-Andis Kaulins.mp3
Track 3 – Off to the Stars – 1:52 03-Off to the Stars-Andis Kaulins.mp3
Track 4 – On the Edge of Light – 2:19 04-On the Edge of Light-Andis Kaulins.mp3
Track 5 – The First Planet – 1:52 05-The First Planet-Andis Kaulins.mp3
Track 6 – 1st Planet More Cleary – 1:59 06-The First Planet More Clearly-Andis Kaulins.mp3
Track 7 – Earth – 2:23 07-Earth-Andis Kaulins.mp3
Track 8 – The Earth Song – 2:25 08-The Earth Song-Andis Kaulins.mp3
Track 9 – Jubilation & Ebulation – 3:36 09-Jubilation & Ebulation-Andis Kaulins.mp3
Track 10 – Mercury – 1:15 10-Mercury-Andis Kaulins.mp3
Track 11 – The Asteroids – 2:28 11-The Asteroids-Andis Kaulins.mp3
Track 12 – Jupiter – 3:38 12-Jupiter-Andis Kaulins.mp3
Track 13 – Jupiter 2 (faster) – 2:31 13-Jupiter 2-Andis Kaulins.mp3
Track 14 – Saturn – 2:23 14-Saturn-Andis Kaulins.mp3
Track 15 – Uranus – 2:14 15-Uranus-Andis Kaulins.mp3
Track 16 – Pluto – 2:47 16-Pluto-Andis Kaulins.mp3
Track 17 – Solar Symphony – 7:04 17-Solar Symphony-Andis Kaulins .mp3
Track 18 – Mars – 2:42 18-Mars-Andis Kaulins .mp3
Track 19 – Moody Moon – 2:13 19-Moody Moon-Andis Kaulins .mp3
Track 20 – Venus – 5:20 20-Venus-Andis Kaulins .mp3
Track 21 – Ode to the Stars – 4:28 21-Ode to the Stars-Andis Kaulins .mp3

If you like it, tell us. If not, switch channels.

Supreme Court of the United States – Quo Vadis?

Supreme Court of the United States – Quo Vadis?

In the October 18, 2004 New York Times

Adam Cohen writes a scathing and somewhat over-exaggerated but thought-provoking article entitled “Imagining America if George Bush Chose the Supreme Court“.

Cohen wrote a similar article a year ago which was strongly criticized.

Cohen takes the proposition that Scalia and Thomas are President Bush’s favorite Justices and that Bush has been appointing similar judges to lower courts. Cohen writes:

[Bush] did say in his last campaign that his favorite Supreme Court justices were Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, and the nominations he has made to the lower courts bear that out.

If Bush were re-elected President he would probably nominate several new Justices in the next term since some of the current Justices are getting on in years and could retire. One could then expect new Supreme Court appointments along the lines of Scalia and Thomas, greatly changing the direction of majorities on a Court which has become infamous for its frequent divided 5-4 and 6-3 decisionmaking.

Cohen then envisions this possible scenario under a “Bush-packed court” based on opinions already written by Scalia and Thomas:

“Abortion might be a crime in most states. Gay people could be thrown in prison for having sex in their homes. States might be free to become mini-theocracies, endorsing Christianity and using tax money to help spread the gospel. The Constitution might no longer protect inmates from being brutalized by prison guards. Family and medical leave and environmental protections could disappear.”

Read the article to see the judicial opinions which are referred to.

There is no question in this writer’s mind that the pendulum of liberality has sometimes gone too far in the Courts in past years (with the 9th Circuit serving as the prime example), and this must be corrected where necessary, but it is also clear that the Bush administration has appointed judges during his term of office who are often so dogmatic in their political views that we view them more as “judicial politicians” rather than as non-partisan upholders of the United States constitutional legal system.

In the view of this observer, almost nothing speaks for a Bush re-election domestically. Nearly everything in America has gotten worse since his election – which puts him in the same league as the hapless Chancellor Schroeder of Germany. Perhaps it is time for both of them to go.

Moreover, the danger that Bush would appoint many more dogmatic judges to the courts is a tremendous argument for not electing him again.

We have never doubted Bush’s sincerity in the conviction that what he is doing is right, however, we have always doubted his wisdom to make the right domestic choices in important questions of the judiciary, the environment, education, taxation and the economy.

There is no question that the United States would be far better off domestically under a President Kerry and the expected improvement would include the judiciary, which would likely again find nominees among proven highly competent people (based primarily on their performance in law school, during clerkships, and within their professions, etc., rather than based on their dogmatic political leanings).