To Every Man his Colt (or should we say) Smith & Wesson

To Every Man his Colt (or should we say) Smith & Wesson

Gun politics is an issue worldwide.

Via Keith Devens,

Dave Kopel has published the draft of his forthcoming law review article on THE LICENSING OF CONCEALED HANDGUNS FOR LAWFUL PROTECTION: SUPPORT FROM FIVE STATE SUPREME COURTS.

Former US President Theodore Roosevelt is often quoted as having used the West African proverb “speak softly and carry a big stick”…. although that could be amended in our day, according to the above article, to “speak softly, because the man you are talking to may be carrying a big stick….”

Actually, the LawPundit is for the granting of permission to carry concealed handguns for protection because it seems to work against crime and criminals. See here. However, we support gun control worldwide on military weapons beyond handguns and hunting rifles – there is a substantial difference as to the use for which such weapons are designed. On the other hand, if every man had his own personal armored tank in his backyard, we might be a bit more civil to one another ….

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