sues Google for IP and other Violations sues Google for IP and other Violations

John Palfrey at the Berkman Center at Harvard Law School has a November 20, 2004 posting entitled “Pornographer sues Google on 12 grounds”.

Obviously, the case will get a lot of attention because it will give everyone a good excuse to look at – perhaps that is the major intention of the suit. The LawPundit had never heard of this website prior to this legal action. Sex sells. has its place of business in Beverly Hills, surely not the low rent district. Hollywood has a lot of starving starlets who never make the top billing in the few blockbuster movies out there, so that we imagine that there is a good market for photo models.

We should add that the use of the word “pornographer” is probably “politically incorrect” as the plaintiff states in the complaint that its business “consists of the design, creation, production, marketing, promotion, and sale of copyrighted adult entertainment products.”

For the law side, read the legal complaint and Palfrey’s analysis of the complaint and see also Copyfight and Legal Tags (with a very good summary of things) which also post on this topic.

The Law Pundit does not think that has the ghost of a chance of winning this case.

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