Keyword Research for Blogs

Amanda G. Washington in Even Blogs Need Keyword Research tells us that keyword research is essential for the presentation of blog content.

She writes:

“[I]f you are going to go to the effort of creating and maintaining a blog (and they are a lot of work), then why not make sure that the blog is found on the search engines via the keywords most searched by your intended audience….I’m simply advocating a disciplined versus random approach to blog content development.” See here for more.

Via Andy Beal and Kimberly Krause.

Online Book Prices – Caveat Emptor ! (Look out !) – Using the Example of Stars Stones and Scholars

Read this eye-opening posting about online book prices.

The LawPundit recently posted about his book Stars Stones and Scholars as a potential ultimate religious Christmas gift.

Today, we found through the German website that someone is selling the book for € 99.95 (= US$ 133 by today’s exchange rate as calculated at’s Universal Currency Converter (UCC)).

At the UK website we found Stars Stones and Scholars being offered for £ 69.95 (= US$ 135 by today’s exchange rate as calculated at’s Universal Currency Converter (UCC)).

Although we are great believers in entrepreneurship and although we have no power over the prices charged by others for selling our book, we should make it clear that some online booksellers are clearly offering books – and not just ours – at vastly inflated prices. Our legitimate author’s concern is, who is going to buy Stars Stones and Scholars at those outrageous prices, which are surely not the optimal blend of the supply and demand curve. We are not a rare classic yet. Perhaps Amazon should review bookselling practices at its various international bookselling divisions, which, as we understand it, are all largely independent one from the other and have their own product mixes.

For potential book buyers, this is the AUTHOR’s notice

that the book

Stars Stones and Scholars

is available NEW at the time of this posting

at the following – in part originally recommended – prices

at the bookselling websites listed below:

At Amazon.comUS$ 35.99

At AbebooksUS$ 35.99

At Barnes & NobleUS$ 35.99

At Trafford PublishingUS$35.99, C$45.99, EUR29.99, £20.99

Mild and legitimate discrepancies in prices will arise due to the fact that the US dollar has recently lost in value against the other currencies, but no one should be paying prices that are more than three times the price of other booksellers. And this is a problem not only for our book, but for many others. So be on the alert.

The problem appears to arise

when one international bookseller (e.g. carries a book as a normal part of its product mix at a normal price,

but another international bookseller (e.g. does not include the book in its normal product mix at all, as is the case with Stars Stones and Scholars.

Seeing a selling niche, independent booksellers at other Amazon sites then offer the book through such Amazon sites at vastly inflated higher prices since the book is otherwise not being offered there at all and since there is no Amazon indicator of what the normal price is supposed to be.

Of course, an author is pleased about sales at other international booksellers, and a certain “international” markup could even be justified, but we think that the prices being charged should be reasonable. Accordingly, potential book buyers should always cross-check prices at various online bookshops, especially if such prices appear to be too high. After all, you can order anywhere, so get the best deal you can.

Update, December 11, 2004

According to a list the Law Pundit can view at the publisher, the last 50 orders for Stars Stones and Scholars came from the following widely spread locations:

Lincoln, NE, US

Acworth, GA, US


Skerries, Ireland

castle rock, CO, US

Denver, CO, US

Seattle, WA, US

Paris, France

Peterborough, NH, US

North York, ON, Canada

Momence, IL, US

Seattle, WA, US

Jamestown, MO, US

Ternat, Belgium

DERBY, United Kingdom

Westbury, NY, US

Seattle , WA, US

Westbury, NY, US

Westbury, NY, US

Santa Fe, NM, US

Seattle, WA, US

New Bern, NC, US

MORLEY, United Kingdom

Seattle, WA, US

Seattle, WA, US

Baycormo nr Pittenweem, United Kingdom

Seattle, WA, US

Lexington, VA, US

Hedingham, United Kingdom

Seattle, WA, US

Momence, IL, US

Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

BRIGHTON, United Kingdom

Izegem, Belgium

Wickford, Essex, United Kingdom

Sway, Lymington. Hants, United Kingdom

Sun Valley, CA, US

Glen Iris, Australia

Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

Westbury, NY, US

Momence, IL, US

Traverse City, MI, US

Westbury, NY, US

Westbury, NY, US

New Bern, NC, US

Phoenix, AZ, US

Brampton, ON, Canada

Brampton, ON, Canada

Athens, Greece

Swindon, United Kingdom

One can see why the issue of a correct international price is important, not just for our book, but for any book one buys online. CHECK and CROSS-CHECK online prices.