University of Latvia in Riga and More

All About Latvia has a posting and photograph on The University of Latvia which is of interest to Latvians and those traveling to the Baltic.

Good sources for travel information about Latvia and the Baltic states in English are:

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LETA (The Latvian News Agency)”>

The Baltic Times

Visit Estonia (English, German, Russian, Finnic, Estonian)

A good source for information about the Baltic in German is:

Baltikum Tourismus Zentrale

We ourselves were just in Riga in November during the coldest and snowiest weekend of the year, resulting in the following photo of the University of Latvia main building:

The University of Latvia

This is a scene looking to the right from the previous photo:

The University of Latvia Scenery

Further right from the University of Latvia and the previous photo is the Latvian national Opera where we saw Prokofiev’s ballet of Romeo and Juliet:

The Latvian National Opera