Where Does the Money Go? Top Philanthropists Donate Generously

There is an often mistaken idea that people who amass a lot of money just spend it on themselves. This is definitely not true.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has an article entitled The Giving Spree in an article about generous donors, the top 60 of whom gave $10-billion in 2004. There is a top 10 list headed by Bill and Melinda Gates:

The Top 10 Donors
William H. (Bill) III and Melinda F. Gates
Susan T. Buffett
John M. Templeton
Caroline Wiess Law
George D. Cornell
Leo A. and Kay K. Drey
Pierre and Pam Omidyar
Bernard Marcus
Sidney E. Frank
Michael Bloomberg

Read the article here to find out the amounts involved as well as to read a bit about the donors.

New York Public Library (NYPL) Opens Digital Gallery

We have numerous postings on LawPundit about intellectual property rights, but often we can not escape the feeling that many people still do not understand that we are in a different time and age as far as the future use of digital images is concerned. You have to see this press release. Talk about open source….

As reported by Sarah Boxer in the New York Times Critic’s Notebook, the New York Public Library, effective March 3, 2005, has opened a Digital Gallery of digitized images from its collections and including “illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints and photographs, illustrated books, printed ephemera, and more.”

The search box is found on the NYPL home page in the upper right hand corner.

An image chosen here is the NYPL Digital Image having the Digital ID: 62138 (a postcard of Harvard Law School ca. 1900), which we have reduced in size and compressed as a .jpg and to which we have otherwise made no artistic corrections (otherwise one would have to straighten the scanned image slightly):


As Boxer writes:

“So far, about 275,000 items are online, and you can browse by subject, by collection, by name or by keyword. The images first appear in thumbnail pictures, a dozen to a page. Some include verso views. You can collect ’em, enlarge ’em, download ’em, print ’em and hang ’em on your wall at home. All are free, unless, of course, you plan to make money on them yourself. (Permission is required.)”

As can be imagined, the NYPL servers are sometimes already so overloaded that they are having trouble meeting with the demand. The site is definitely quite interesting.

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