Blawgs, Blogs and the Law

Sarah Kellogg has a nice piece about blawgs, blogs and the law at
There is very little question that as blawging increases, specialty blogs for every area of law will surface, and indeed are surfacing, and that such blogs will become required reading down the road for people in the profession dealing with a particular legal field. Some law professors have already seen this vision, whereas the bulk of legal faculty apparently flounder in the fading world of yesteryear.

Still, the law is at the forefront of the blog movement and we see much innovation in legal blogs, whereas most of the rest of the academic disciplines are still not even out of the starting blocks. Most academics are still publishing to generally inaccessible traditional monopoloy-oriented peer-review journals, grinding out the same old jargoned pablum, without realizing that the world of tomorrow is beginning to pass them by.

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