Incorporate in the United Kingdom

We refer here to


which is “a do-it-yourself (DIY) company formation Web site. By posing questions, it takes you through the process of registering your company in England, Scotland or Wales. It generates the legal documents, including the memorandum and articles of association as well as the company register. It also provides several articles explaining company formation, how to set up a limited company, and check for name availability.”

Quoted from the TVC Alert at The Virtual Chase.

We tried a test run, but a legitimate address in either England, Scotland or Wales is required.

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Bloggers vs. Reporters & the value of Ph.D. Dissertations

Jack Schafer at Slate has an interesting article entitled What Can Bloggers Do That Reporters Can’t? – And vice versa.

It’s a great article except for this misleading statement:

“If we refrain from publishing until we’re 1,000 percent certain, the only thing we’ll end up reading is Ph.D. dissertations.”

Actually, most dissertations have nothing to do with things that are “certain” but are in fact exercises in academics:

“because let’s face it, who reads dissertations. except the members of the committee, and perhaps a panicky doctoral … index/Y1V9WMX0XGUGCJAU.pdf”

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Professor Blasts PhD Programs

For good reason, the study of law got rid of dissertations long ago because the practical value of dissertations is quite questionable.

As with everything, there are exceptions, and Albert Einstein’s Ph.D. dissertation is one.