Brilliance on the "Edge" of Knowledge

Here is a sample from Edge quoting GEORGE DYSON, science historian, and author of Darwin Among the Machines:

“As Richard Foreman so beautifully describes it, we’ve been pounded into instantly-available pancakes, becoming the unpredictable but statistically critical synapses in the whole Gödel-to-Google net. Does the resulting mind (as Richardson would have it) belong to us? Or does it belong to something else?

Is societal mens rea a collective experience? And what about individual culpability in a world ruled by bits and bytes? Are we all merely pancakes flattened by modern media?

You may rebel at the thought, but the rise of terrorism worldwide is a product of individuals succumbing irrationally to demonic collectivized thinking. To solve the problem, we have to change that collectivized mind. Concentrating on individuals will bring nothing.