A Podcasting Blog at Patent Pod

Patent Pod breaks new ground in the legal field by presenting a law blog which not only has text summaries of recent U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Court decisions in patent-related cases, but it also offers computer-spoken .mp3 audio files of entire judicial opinions (with some material, such as citations, omitted).

Although the site is intended primarily for patent attorneys, we get the feeling that this blog gives us another important glimpse into the future of law. Indeed, we can easily envision Justices and Judges themselves issuing various types of podcasts to both the news media as well as to the bar, whether regarding case filings, court rules, opinions or CLE. Indeed, such a development is probably not far down the road at all.

Note: We have added Patent Pod to the LawPundit blawg blogroll.

Winpooch: A Real Time Watchdog for Spyware, Trojans and Attempted Registry Changes

Winpooch is a simple free real time watchdog for spyware, trojans and attempted registry changes. Winpooch reports to you in a dialogue box about attempted registry changes BEFORE they are made and gives you the choice of allowing them or not. The default position after the elapse of a certain amount of time is NOT to allow the registry change.

They write about themselves:

“Winpooch is a Windows watchdog. By adding this free watchdog, you increase the safety of your anti-virus. It detects spywares and trojans as soon as they are installed in your computer. The Windows watchdog scans system directories and the registry in real time, and uses very few process resources.”

We have installed the still so-called “unstable” beta version 0.5.4 and it is working well, fending off undesired changes that our installed McAfee Anti-Virus and SpywareGuard programs did not ward off, such as for example a registry change disabling the anti-virus program itself.

We do not know yet how Winpooch will function over the long term, but it looks promising.


We have observed that Winpooch might interfere with the installation of new programs. If Winpooch is installed and running, it might have to be deactivated before installing a new program which refuses otherwise to install.

Update December 7, 2005 to digg visitors (we give up, we have joined digg too):

Welcome! Someone at digg (not us!) has placed a link to this page and we are somewhat overwhelmed by the traffic, which is probably going to put us over our traffic limit at our provider and thus create extra costs, so we are placing the following info for the intellects out there to help cover the possible extra costs due to your visiting this blog in such large numbers.

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