German Court Outlaws Links to Websites Offering Circumvention Technology

Immateriblog has an article entitled “German appeals court outlaws links to websites offering circumvention technology” and writes as follows:

“A Munich court of appeal upheld a lower court ruling, demanding that German IT news service Heise Online remove a link to, an Antigua based company selling software enabling users to make copies of copy-protected CDs and DVDs. Legal experts criticised the decision as endangering press freedom.”

(we quote only the first paragraph of that posting – to see the rest, go to Immateriblog, a blog about immaterial goods in the information age)

Life on Mars – A Golfer’s Paradise?

One reads a lot about man’s thus far futile attempts to find “Life on Mars” and elsewhere in our Universe other than on Planet Earth. The LawPundit would suggest that the researchers have simply not examined the ESA photographs carefully enough.

We reproduce a recent photograph of ESA here, showing an ice crater on Mars:

Life on Mars is Golf

Photograph copyright by – ESA – European Space Agency (G. Neukum)

(we of course have added the golf flag stick and the golf player)