The German Economy and Office Furniture Sales

The September 2005 edition of the German business magazine FACTS has a telling chart of the German market for office furniture since the year 2000, surely one very indicative gauge of the state of the German economy, which has been suffering greatly under Chancellor Schroeder’s economically incompetent Red-Green political coalition.

This chart, created by the Interconnection Consulting Group , shows that the German office furniture market has dropped continuously from ca. € 2.5 billion (= German Milliarden) in the year 2000 to ca. € 1.4 billion in 2004. A further drop to somewhat less than ca. €1.4 billion is expected for 2005, with minimal projected increases in 2006 and 2007.

Not only is the sharp decrease in demand from 2000 to 2005 dramatic but it illustrates well the sluggish recessive state of the German economy generally.

Schroeder’s foolhardy attempted solution to the German problem – through Hartz IV to take money away from the growing army of unemployed and through tax reductions to give that money to those who have enough already – has failed badly. Quite the contrary, in view of the upcoming elections, the opposition CDU/CSU political parties are campaigning with placards pointing out that 1000 jobs a day are still being lost under the current administration.

No country has ever resurrected its economy by taking money from the poor and making them even poorer and giving that money to the rich, as Schroeder has done. But many countries have recharged their economies by allowing the wealth that is in the country to work for the country’s benefit, rather than to drive that wealth out of the country by political policies designed to curtail business and business investment.

The tenure of Schroeder and the Red-Green coalition in Germany has been an economic disaster for the country and we can all only hope that the German people are smart enough to throw them out on their ears in the upcoming election of September 18, 2005. It is high time for the Germans to acknowledge that Schroeder is the worst Chancellor ever in post-WWII Germany.

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