The Importance of Evidence

One area in which the legal community is lax is in inculcating a proper appreciation of EVIDENCE in the other arts and sciences.

Roger Schank of Carnegie-Mellon University writes the following, inter alia, at Edge 168 regarding the teaching of evolution or intelligent design in the schools.

“Here is what we should teach our children: how to think; how to look at evidence and determine reasonable conclusions that can be derived from the evidence; how to know what constitutes evidence; how to interpret evidence.

Stop telling children facts. Do that in church or wherever religious indoctrination takes place. School should not be about indoctrination but reasoned thought. Teach children to come to their own conclusions. Stop confusing religion with thought.”

Krauthammer on Roberts

Charles Krauthammer has a beautifully written September 16, 2005 op-ed at the Washington Post which he titles Roe v. Roberts.

What we like about Krauthammer is his no-nonsense approach to commenting on current events.

As for Roberts, we agree when Krauthammer writes:

“[Roberts] is a perfectly reasonable traditional conservative, who will be an outstanding chief justice. He is just not a judicial revolutionary. If you’re a conservative looking for a return to the good old days, you’ll be disappointed. And if you’re a liberal who lives for the good old days because that’s all that liberalism has left, tell Chuck Schumer to relax.”

By the way, even though Schumer has recently done some stupid things in his excerise of office, we think that he has done a good job – on balance – as Senator from New York. Nevertheless, we definitely oppose his “war stand” against Roberts. There are more important things for Congressmen to do than wage constant battle against judicial appointments and political nominations. A Senator should be a lawmaker and should be busy writing the laws that are necessary for the 21st century. There, the Senate and the House are way behind schedule.