Stanford on iTunes – The Future is Here

Stanford on iTunes !?

Via if:book, the Free Range Librarian, and the Georgia State University Library, we were linked to an October 21, 2005 story by Doug Lederman at Inside Higher Ed News entitled “The sounds of Stanford, via the iPod” concerning the October 20, 2005 Stanford University announcement that it was cooperating with Apple to make audio content of various kinds available to students and alumni across the Stanford on iTunes website:

“The project has two prongs. Through the Stanford on iTunes Web site, the university will make lectures, music, sports and other content available not only to its alumni but to the public, free of charge. Stanford unveiled the site Thursday as it opened its reunion weekend, Stocker said, and alumni crowded around a campus booth downloaded music and lectures onto their iPods. “It’s already creating a lot of buzz,” he said.

The other part of the Stanford-Apple collaboration – and the one with perhaps greater implications for others in higher education – is a controlled-access Web site through which students will be able to download course materials. The restricted-access iTunes site will enable Stanford students to load course lectures and other audio content (and, eventually, video content, now that Apple is introducing a new version of iTunes that includes movies and other images) onto their iPods and listen to them whenever they wish.”

We definitely see applications here to the law school curriculum.