Stanford Law Grads as Technology Company General Counsels

As a Stanford Law School alum, I just received the Fall, 2005 Issue of the Stanford Lawyer (Issue 73, Vol. 40, No. 1) which I always read from cover to cover. This issue is powerpacked with technology.

The feature article by Josh McHugh (photography by Peter Stember) is entitled “Technology’s Field Generals” and profiles the general counsels at “Microsoft, Google, Cisco, eBay, Yahoo!, Qualcomm, Autodesk, and Oracle – Stanford Law School alums, all….

Although Stanford is known for its political liberalism, these general counsels show the other side of the law school equation, i.e. the indisputable fact that top faculty and top students also produce top legal people for business and technology.

It is not a question of politics – but rather one of competence.

As Stanford Law School Dean Larry Kramer writes in his introductory “Leading the Way in Law and Technology“:

“[T]his issue of Stanford Lawyer touches on just a few of the myriad ways in which Stanford Law School has become the world’s premier place for teaching and scholarship about the legal dimensions of new technology and the astonishing, often perplexing, society it is creating…. Though ranked as one of the top universities in the world, this is not a place where people sit on their laurels or tradition. Amazing things are going to happen here in the next decade, especially in law and technology.”

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