Yale and the Ivy League Supreme Court Justices

And yes, of course, to add to our recent posting on the Ivy League US Supreme Court in which we prominently mention Stanford (out) and Harvard (in), there is, of course, also Yale, ranked by some as the top law school in the country [but not by us. Judged by Stanford’s impact on the technology sector, which pervades the world, Stanford is in our opinion ahead of the competiton, but then we of course are biased].

Adam Liptak writes on
Yale Law Frets Over Court Choices It Knows Best“.

BHODemon Highly Recommended Against Toolbar Spyware

We have a very small nifty program called BHODemon installed on our computer system which has already proven quite useful several times while surfing the web as a means of blocking surreptitious unwanted spyware toolbar installations. PC World describes the program as follows:

Internet Explorer has a nasty habit of allowing so-called Browser Helper Objects (or BHOs) to install themselves into IE. Some BHOs are helpful, like the Google Toolbar, but others (especially those planted by viruses or spyware) can be malicious and harmful. BHODemon gives you a quick look at the BHOs installed on your PC, tells you whether a specific BHO is known to be safe or harmful, and gives you the ability to enable or disable individual BHOs with a single mouse click.”

Download BHODemon at PCWorld.com.

Siena College has a nice short presentation on how to use the program.