US Stays in Charge of the Internet Root System

Who says there is no good news?

As reported by the BBC in US retains hold of the internet:

In an eleventh-hour agreement ahead of a UN internet summit in Tunis, Tunisia, negotiators agreed to leave the US in charge of the net’s addressing system….

Disagreements over control of the internet had threatened to overshadow the [WSIS – World Summit on the Information Society] , with countries such as China and Iran pushing for an international body under UN auspices to oversee the net.

The US had stood firm against this, arguing that it would stifle technological advance and increase censorship of the internet by undemocratic regimes.”

Right on all counts. In spite of criticism of the USA from many quarters on many issues, the fact is that no other country in the world today could be as well trusted as the USA for technical internet governance. Just imagine some of the other countries in the world being in charge – that would be the end of the World Wide Web.

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