LawPundit Incomparable Predictions for 2006

In looking for Trends, Predictions, Prognostications and Expectations for 2006 we have found:

54 Economists give us Economic Signposts for 2006 at BusinessWeek covering economic growth, corporate profits, unemployment, inflation, crude oil, interest rates

Naked Conversations Predictions for 2006 relating to Blogging

Forbes has a Crystal Ball to rub for Sneak Peak 2006

John Batelle’s Searchblog Predictions 2006

The International Herald Tribune, via Richard Bernstein and the New York Times, has Europa: Predictions for 2006, dire and not so dire

Jon Udell’s Weblog Predictions for 2006

Jason Calacanis’ My Predictions for 2006

Staff writers Jessie Seyfer, Steve Johnson, Dawn Chmielewski, Matt Marshall and Michael Bazeley of the Bay Area Mercury News have compiled the Top 10 tech trends for 2006, resulting in this Slashdot response has Jim Louderback’s article Industry Expert’s Predictions for 2006, presenting the prognostications of Mark Anderson, publisher of the Strategic News Service newsletter

Via the IHT we find Conrad de Aenlle of The New York Times and his Investing: Predictions for 2006

Fuzzy Blog has Pundit predictions for 2006. Scott Johnson founded Feedster, to which we are grateful for Law Pundit RSS feeds. We point particularly to his prognosis that “River of News style aggregators will become the norm.” See also Nick Bradbury.

Peter Gallagher has A few predictions for 2006 on trade and public policy issues

Russell Shaw of ZDNet has Ten Converging World Predictions for 2006

Andy Budd has Web Design and Development Predictions for 2006

Nancy Weil, IDG News Service, Boston Bureau has Top Predictions for 2006 at

Alex Barnett has Several Predictions for 2006, a collation of predictions

Fitness Trend Predictions for 2006 were issued by the American Council on Exercise

Jeff Pulver has 2006 Predictions for IP Communications Industry

Cellular-News has Top 10 Global Wireless Predictions for 2006

Hypergene MediaBlog has a Sampling of New Media Predictions for 2006

Online Advertising Predictions For 2006 are made by 24/7 Real Media

Om Malik writes on Hey AOL, You Got Googled, a future portent

Cynthia Brumfield (via Malik) writes that Government has discovered future Podcasting

To Prepare for 2006 we have added to our LawPundit Blawgroll:

Adam Smith, Esq. … an inquiry into the economics of law firms, by Bruce MacEwen, Creator & Host
Bruce has a posting on Great Expectations for 2006 — If You Have the Talent

To Keep up with 2006 we have added to our LawPundit General Blogroll:

Economic Developments Futures Blog, by Don Iannone, which contains some interesting posts relating to economic expectations for the year 2006.

The LawPundit Top 10 Incomparable Predictions for 2006 are:

1. Many predictions will be made and some will come true, but many will not.
2. No matter what you expect in the coming year, something you do not expect to happen will happen, and something you expect to happen will not happen.
3. The more expectations that you have, the more likely it is that you will be disappointed.
4. The fewer expectations that you have, the more likely it is that you will be pleasantly surprised.
5. Happiness will sometimes be judged by some to be a function of the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of their justifiably or non-justifiably held expectations, rather than by the objective assessment of what is actually happening.
6. Many world issues thought to be important now will be less important tomorrow, as new issues arise.
7. Many forseeable problems will not be foreseen, but will surface nevertheless.
8. Many problems will be solved and many problems will remain unsolved, which will not hinder us from trying to solve them.
9. Of all published predictions for 2006, we expect the accuracy of the LawPundit predictions to be unsurpassed, and this too may turn out not be totally true.
10. No matter how many expectations are fulfilled or not fulfilled in 2006, there will be new expectations in 2007.

And, if we are pardoned a bit of prognostication humor, we have these three extras:
11. Sex will remain a hot topic in 2006.
12. The world will not end in the new year, although Fimoculous disagrees.
(The intervening prognostication has fallen victim to superstition, a common malady, which will surface in the news about world religions daily in the next year).
14. Gross stupidity and cheap vulgarity will continue in 2006 to be mankind’s most successful martketable commodity. This is no surprise to a Swift Yahoo. When made aware of the fare served up by Howard Stern and Ali G, scientists will study whether the drop of the average human IQ to below 50 has been caused by television or the internet or both. Other scientists will study whether that Average IQ was ever as high as 50 (Average IQ is defined as 100 – got it? – dat wuz da point). [Note: As additional evidence of the continuous and pervasive drop in man’s average IQ, fewer people will buy our book this year than last.]

And of course, to end on a positive note:
15. The world will continue to be as interesting in the coming year as it was in the past year (digg it?), even though not everything will happen as we would like, but sometimes, as sung by The Rolling Stones, you may not always get what you want, but you might get what you need.

That’s life, also in 2006.

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