Success Through Coaching by Phone

Ed Poll, who coaches lawyers by phone and is a management consultant to law firms, has an interesting article at the ABA’s Law Practice TODAY titled, Those Who Can, Coach: The Power of Coaching Can Transform Your Life, in which he writes, inter alia:

Some might feel that seeking the help of a coach is an admission of personal inadequacy. The more logical conclusion is that you should engage a coach from the moment you decide you want to be successful. A coach can help you achieve that success more quickly than you would on your own. In sports, that is proven so many times on a daily basis that it is axiomatic. “

Read more here.

We haven’t even talked to Ed but already feel motivated to improve just through a reading of that article. We have no doubt that coaching works. Almost all world champion athletes have coaches. So why not world champion professionals in the legal field? It makes sense.

Link to Law Practice Today originally via Vertretbar (hat tip).

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