Skype Is a Blockbuster Application

Skype is definitely a blockbuster application.
250 million downloads – and counting – is probably just the beginning.

The Skype slogan is “The Whole World can Talk for Free”, and, indeed, any two users who both have Skype identities and the free Skype software installed on their computers can talk for free across the internet (they merely each have to have a microphone and speakers connected to their PCs).

Of course, nothing in life is really perfectly free, and one must bear in mind that users must nevertheless pay their provider for their normal internet connections. However, unless the users use Skype to connect to normal telephone numbers (which incurs extra charges), there is no additional charge if the calls are made from one Skype-user-identity to another Skype-user-identity across their respective internet connections. For those who have an internet flat rate already, the calls then really are practically free.

We have our Skype identity in the information part of this page (close to the bottom) and any of our friends or acquaintances out there who also have a Skype identity are invited to call and try it out. We hope this does not open up our Skype line to spam calls, but, for now, we are simply interested to see how this works. If spam calls do ensue, Skype has several options which permit not only specific callers to be blocked, but also allows the option of permitting calls only from a user-made list of approved contacts. Essentially, these options may ultimately permit the internet Skype community to regulate itself. We shall see.