Super Celtic Slippers viz. Boots

Cold Feet? As a public service announcement from LawPundit we pass this on to you….

The Celtic Sheepskin Co. has the best “celt slippers” we have have found anywhere. I have a pair of their “sheepskin slippers” that I have been wearing for years and they are still as good as new, since they wear like iron.

See This is not a paid ad or sponsored in any way but is simply our testimonial for this great footwear. Plus, I am thinking of making a gift of these sheepskin slippers and did not want to lose the URL.

What does this have to do with law? My late mentor at Stanford, Prof. of Law John Kaplan had a tiger suit with slippers attached that he wore occasionally to keep warm while grading papers, preparing lectures or writing books. Once, while his wife, who normally answered the door, was away, he forgot that he was wearing the costume and answered the front door bell himself, terrifying the unknown visitors.

These Celtic slippers will keep that from happening to you in case you also have a tiger suit or something comparable.