LawPundit Moving Back to BlogSpot – Please change your RSS Feeds


After three years of LawPundit at we will be returning to Blogspot in the course of the next six months. Our current hosting contract ends in September, so there is still sufficient time for our readers to change to the new LawPundit RSS feed at or simply go to LawPundit at Blogspot and sign up for the new Feed there.

The existing old feeds pointing to will remain in effect until the end of September, 2006 and we will post to both addresses during the next six months to assure a smooth transition.

It has been difficult to transpose the graphic interface but we think we have managed fairly well, given the problems that were faced in shifting the hosting of graphics, etc. However, we simply see no reason to pay for expensive website space if the same services are available for free and if we are able to implement a comparable user interface on the free medium.

That logic, by the way, points to the world of the future. We also signed up for the service Writely, acquired by Google just a few days ago, thus just getting in under the wire before registrations were closed in order to move Wrightly to Google systems. Writely is a “Free web word processor which [also] lets you share and collaborate your work online” and which is bound to become a competitor for Microsoft Word down the road.

One Response to “LawPundit Moving Back to BlogSpot – Please change your RSS Feeds”

  1. Andis Kaulins Says:

    Test of the Comment Function.

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