German English EU Links and Law

Dr. Stephan Ott has interesting English, German and European Union legal materials at the following sites: (English) (German) and

containing, as he writes:

Information about legal aspects of search engines, hyperlinks (surface and deep links), inline links and frames, including case law summary, links to relevant court rulings worldwide and to relevant articles (in English and German) in the area of competition and intellectual property law (copyright, trademark and patent law). The website also deals with the liability for linking to illegal material and linking policies that try to restrict linking and framing.”

The main pages deal with news, decisions (Germany, USA and Canada, other European countries), legal resources (publications in German, English, and other languages, plus websites with overviews), linking cases (liability for links to illegal material, Criminal Law, Trademark Law, deep links and search engines, linking policies, framing and inline-linking, laws & regulations, paid listings, fake error messages, other search engine news), Ott’s own publications, and technical background materials.

There is also a newsletter.