The Future of the Internet – New Developments

CNN Money at Business 2.0 in The Next Net 25 by Erick Schonfeld, Om Malik, and Michael V. Copeland, presents websites which reflect new developments on the World Wide Web. First the newcomers are listed as challengers, followed by the incumbent power in the respective field.

Social Media
digg – Collaborative News Aggregator [we use their feed on our website] – Social Radio
Newsvine – Collaborative News Publisher
Tagworld – Social Networking – Dating
YouTube – Video Sharing
(, Flickr, Webjay, My Web 2.0)

Mashup and Filters
Bloglines – Online Feed Reader [we use this service ourselves]
Eurekster – Search mashup (a do-it-yourself search engine, a search wiki viz. a “swicki”)
Simply Hired – Job Search Engine
Technorati – Blog search engine [we use this service ourselves]
Trulia – Real Estate Mashup (home listings and Google maps) [We add Zillow here as well]
Wink – Tag search engine
(GoogleGoogle maps, Google Reader plus Blogger, Writely)

The New Phone
Fonality – Open-source telephony software
SIPphone – Internet phone shoftware
Iotum – Presence (call) management software
Vivox – Peer-to-peer voice technology
(Skype – free calling, IM, video calling, eBay users)

The Webtop (ala Desktop)
Jotspot – Wikis, web collaboration and online spreadsheets
30 Boxes – Collaborative online calendar for social networks e.g. families
37 Signals – Online project management (Basecamp, Backpack)
Writely – Online word processing [we use this service ourselves, and see also the less sophisticated Writeboard for comparison]
Zimbra – Online e-mail and calendar collaboration suite (AJAX technology)
(MicrosoftWindows live [LawPundit adds: this is so buggy it can not be recommended])

Under the Hood
Brightcove – Internet TV distributor
Jigsaw – Business contact databse
SimpleFeed – Opt-in RSS marketing
Salesforce – Platform for online enterprise software
Six Apart – Blogging tools (Moveable Type, TypePad)
(AmazonAlexa, Mechanical Turk)

Some of these new applications are definitely here to stay, and others not, but no one really knows which is which. Only time will tell us.

Let us add here the Firefox extension (add-on) Wizz RSS for Mozilla Firefox, currently available as Wizz RSS 2.1.1. We use it and it is a quick, superb feed reader for Firefox.