Ancient World History Must be Rewritten – Santorini Exploded ca. 1627 BC

Law can not be extracted from the spirit of the times nor from current events.
If you care about current events, then you should know about some important just published Science magazine articles directly impacting the History of Western Civilization.

If you plug “Ancient World Blog” into Google, the first hit out of 25 million hits is our Ancient World Blog, the most recent posting of which deals with a subject that everyone should know about – the necessity to rewrite our world’s ancient history to fit the actual evidence.

New research published in Science magazine shows unequivocally that current mainstream chronology of the Ancient World is simply wrong, negatively impacting current events in thousands of nefarious ways.

Now what if Moses were actually born in ca. 1707 B.C. and what if Exodus actually occurred in 1627 B.C. ? What would that mean for our view of religion and history and events in the Middle East? Things would look … different.

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