Forecasting The Future: It’s Solid as Rock

Success in the modern economic, social and political world world depends in substantial part upon human crystalballing abilities, but few industrial, social or religious leaders, management heads, or politicians are recruited or selected for having this rare gift of clairvoyance.

Quite the contrary, for top leadership positions and offices, society generally strives to select strong and steadfast individuals who can be quite immune to the trends of the times.

Indeed, in areas such as the legal system, the inertia of the establishment is so pronounced that the law inevitably lags far behind the actual societal vector.

If we look at our world objectively, we see that it is the more sensitive among humanity – and not the strongest – who are often the most attuned to the spirit of the age. We see this particularly in the fields of art, fashion, literature and music, where new trends generally anticipate the world of tomorrow far better than what professional prognosticators or political pundits write.

Today, while reading the June 15, 2006 print issue of Rolling Stone, we were struck by the headline “Rock Rules the Charts” in an article informing that the sales of rock music are on the rise in the USA, mirroring a trend in Europe seen through the win of the Eurovision song contest by Finland’s hard rockers Lordi and their winning song “Hard Rock Hallelujah“.

We sense that this points to an impending return of Western Civilization to its own basic values and culture – with all of the consequences that this return will have for the political, economic, military and social state of the world.

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