Book Review of Indefensible by David Feige (One Lawyer’s Journey into the Inferno of American Justice)

Shut up. Tell it to the judge….

Indefensible: One Lawyer’s Journey into the Inferno of American Justice
by David Feige
has just been published by Little, Brown and Company.
I agreed to do this book review for the Hachette Book Group based on an advance reading copy of the book.

Anger works. Anger is rejuvenating. It is anger — that smoldering fury — that allows a public defender to survive….

This book has all the potential of being the prospective beginning of a new successful TV series on the American criminal justice system.

Innocent people go to trial mostly because they’re naive….

Indefensible is a thought-provoking and yet lively and moving read about one actual whirlwind day in the life of a public defender “in and around the Bronx Criminal Courthouse“, where “justice” can mean only that the criminal law system has been applied to a given case – period.

No one had bothered to tell me that no one in his right mind picks an all-male jury in a rape case.

David Feige, who was trial chief at the Bronx Defenders, definitely has “novelistic” writing talent, even though this is non-fiction, so that this book reads easily.

By cataclysmic convictions, I mean the unjust conviction of beloved clients at trial. The first time it’s a shock…. There must be something I can do….

Indefensible is a no-nonsense hands-down portrayal of the work of a defense lawyer trying to obtain “justice” for his “clients” as he deals with a kaleidoscopic variety of accused, as well as with a diverse panoply of judges, prosecutors, social workers, investigators, and attorney colleagues, all of whom are part of a system of justice where the foibles of humanity prevail and the dictates of the law seem secondary.

it’s gotta come from here … you gotta know deep down that this is the most righteous work there is …

Buy this book for a realistic view of the American justice system at work in the Bronx.

Defending the guilty is easy.

But what about the rest?

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