Mondaq Law News, Alerts, Headlines

Mondaq (free registration required)
has some useful headlines, press releases and news alerts by professionals, law firms and institutions on national and international legal topics, e.g.

Intellectual Property
which is subdivided as follows:

Two recent examples of the types of materials available there are:

European Union: European Intellectual Property Cat-and-Mouse: ECJ Clarifies Jurisdiction in Patent Disputes,19 July 2006, Article by Duncan Bucknell

European Union: The (Cross) Border Is Closed: ECJ Rules on Patent Injunctions, 20 July 2006, Article by Friedrich Klinkert, Alastair J. McCulloch, Neil Coulson and Nora Kessler (Jones Day)

Other topics covered by Mondaq
which we produce here as a buttoned list (for our own use as well)

Anti-trust/ Competition Law

Banking and Financial

Construction Property & Real Estate

Consumer, Health and Family Law

Corporate/ Company Law

Environmental & Energy

European Union & International Law

Finance, Accounting and Consultancy

Government & Public Sector Law

Information Technology & Telecommunications

Insurance and Transport

Labour & Employment

Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Media & Entertainment


Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical Law


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