US Chief Justice Roberts – The First Term

Via LexisONE, Linda Greenhouse has an assessment at the New York Times of the first term of John G. Roberts Jr. as United States Supreme Court Chief Justice.

Although we have criticized Roberts previously at LawPundit for being too unmoving, we think he is making an excellent Chief Justice and will continue to do so, adding stability and greater unanimity to a court which was often sadly divided under predecessor Chief Justice Rehnquist. The law may in the last analysis be nothing more than “a matter of opinion”, but the Supreme Court should never give the country that impression.

Laws to Suppress

Spacetime, the Group Leader of The Edge of Knowledge group at has the following quotation on his profile page:

Laws to suppress tend to strengthen what they would prohibit. This is the fine point on which all the legal professions of history have based their job security.
–Bene Gesserit Coda (Dune)

To what degree is this true and to what degree is this an exaggeration of one inevitable aspect of lawmaking? Why is this so?