Readers of LawPundit : Rautalampi Finland : Ancestors of John Morton : Important Signer of the US Declaration of Independence : Finns in America

We figured that readers of LawPundit from Rautalampi, Finland must have a very good reason to look into our website pages, so we looked at our recent postings relating inter alia to the origins of the United States Declaration of Independence (see Barbados and New York Finger Lakes District), and did a bit of keyword research.

We discovered at the website of the US Embassy in Helsinki, Finland, that a certain John Morton, whose ancestors hailed from Rautalampi, Finland, played a significant role in American history. As written there:

John Morton was born in the New Sweden colony in modern-day Pennsylvania, the descendant of Matti Marttinen of Rautalampi, Savo, Finland. He was a farmer and surveyor, and active in politics, rising to become Speaker of the Pennsylvania House, and a delegate to the Second Continental Congress. At that Congress, he cast the deciding vote in the Pennsylvania delegation, completing the role of states in support of the Declaration of Independence.” [emphasis added]

It is always incredible to discover how many different nations and peoples had an influence on the founding of America. See in this regard Laura I. Hannula and The Story of the Finns in America.

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