War of the Worlds in EU Copyright Law

Helena Spongenberg in her 29.11.2006 article

MEPs push for new copyright law in digital era

quotes Pia Raug, spokeswoman collective rights management lobby CISAC, who says about the current situation of copyright law in the European Union, that:

It’s a war of the worlds

on issues such as digital rights management (DRM), collective rights management, and private copy levies.

Spongenberg writes:

Interest in copyright reform is being sparked by explosive growth in the digital music market which is set to become a €3.9 billion a year industry in the EU by 2011, but which is throwing up new challenges both for independent artists trying to exploit the new medium and the companies trying to make money from downloading songs.

How right she is. We ourselves have uploaded our musical compositions and performances to Kaulinsium at MySpace in order to participate in this new 21st century “gold rush”. Happy listening.

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