NATO Summit in Riga Latvia

We subscribe to the White House Weekly Review in order to get a simple overview of the agenda of the US President’s activities which is not twisted by the partisan political opinionating which invariably accompanies mainstream media accounts of those activities.

A good example is the past week’s visit of President Bush to the Baltic countries, where Bush was in Estonia on November 28 and in Riga, Latvia on November 29 for the NATO Summit where Bush stated:

One of the great responsibilities of this Alliance is to strengthen and expand the circle of freedom here in Europe. In the nearly six decades since NATO’s founding, Europe has experienced an unprecedented expansion of liberty. A continent that was once divided by an ugly wall is now united in freedom. Yet the work of uniting Europe is not fully complete. Many nations that threw off the shackles of tyranny are still working to build the free institutions that are the foundation of successful democracies. NATO is encouraging these nations on the path to reform — and as governments make hard decisions for their people, they will be welcomed into the institutions of the Euro-Atlantic community.

As can be read at the Fact Sheet of the NATO Summit 2006, the RULE OF LAW is an important element in the expansion of liberty in Europe.

Indeed, we think that the rule of law is the most important significant difference between democratic nations and countries or regions who are suffering under tyrannical governments or who are plagued by factions who are enemies of democracy.