Kristy Kay : Pop Music Star of Tomorrow

Here in our opinion is an emerging female pop music star of tomorrow, Kristy Kay:

YouTube Video “Who’s That Loving You Now”

Song “When You Find Love” (our favorite) . Hothead Dance Hitsavailable US only
Rhapsody Online leads the user to the following VERY IRRITATING popup here in Germany:
U.S. Only We’re sorry. We have detected that you are outside of the United States. This service is currently only available to residents within the United States.” Now we now what it feels like to be in China and have half the stuff you want to see blocked by the government. We expect this to be corrected there in the good old USA.

Video “When You Find Love” (for free, AOL), but we have not been able to get the AOL links to work here in Germany – here they are

Song “Don’t Break My Heart”

Video “Who’s That Loving You Now”

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