European Law Monitor : A Subscription Service for Alerts, Legislation Tracking, Advice and Research

Dear Law Pundit Readers: We provide this posting as public service information. Please note that we have no affiliation with the website described below and that this posting does not represent an evaluation or endorsement of the services offered there. We specifically disclaim any and all liability for any click to or use of such services. This is an information posting only.

Although the European Law Monitor website provides a good deal of “free” information, the European Law Monitor is intended to be a subscription service online which describes itself as:

[A] not-for-profit, non-political, pan-European information service that aims to provide citizens and organisations across Europe with the ability to find and track new EU proposals, and provide a Europe wide platform for interested parties to exchange opinions and co-operate in presenting their views to European legislators.

There are various levels of subscription prices for alert and legislation tracking services:

Subscription Level / Service Bronze Silver Gold Rep.
Alert newsletters Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enhanced search results Yes Yes Yes Yes
Download full text of proposals 10 /Yr Yes Yes Yes
View current status position on legislation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Legislation tracking Yes Yes Yes
Access legislation forums Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional users (no extra cost) 5 10 Yes
Quick search link to MEP committees Yes Yes Yes Yes
User entries in representation database Yes
Organisation promotional profile in representation database Yes
Legal research Option 20 Hrs Option
Annual subscription – including VAT £14.95 £99.95 £1175 £1175*

*Special concessionary rates apply for not-for-profits actively representing at EU level”

The rates applicable to “First Aid*” Legal Advice and Research are:

£600 a year – this gives you 8 hours of legal advice, research and guidance per year (cost includes Silver Subscription).

£1000 a year – this gives you 20 hours of legal advice, research and guidance per year (Gold Subscription).

£2000 a year – This is an ongoing service contract, where we provide legal guidance, research and guidance throughout the year.

A tailored package to suit NGOs or businesses providing an outsourced “virtual in-house” legal department can also be provided.

Note that the asterisk above (*) means as follows:

This service is a “First Aid” and research service only. European Law Monitor does not undertake representational work and therefore we are unable to represent you in courts and tribunals. The advice that we give is limited to general information on your rights and obligations in European Community law and its application to UK law based on the information you provide, and is not a substitute for the detailed specific advice and assistance of a lawyer acting for you.

The website legal research concept is most interesting and potentially useful to persons and organizations in legal or business fields involved in European Union matters.

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