New Institute and Blog for Law and Politics at Minnesota Law School

The University of Minnesota Law School has established an Institute for Law and Politics having the following goals:

“The Institute for Law and Politics is designed to be a national research center for studying issues at the intersection of politics and the law. The Institute’s goals of non-partisan civic engagement and sound public policy guide its work as a source of information and analysis for issues such as election law, voting rights, government relations and lobbying, judicial politics, separation of powers and executive privilege, and international elections and democratization. The Institute for Law and Politics focuses on these issues by conducting interdisciplinary research, hosting conferences and CLEs, writing an online blog and other communications, and serving as a national source for analysis and commentary.”

In addition, the Institute has launched The Law and Politics Blog “to provide news, analysis and other interesting content dealing with issues of law and politics.”

We have added LawPundit links to both the Law & Politics Institute as well as the Law & Politics Blog, as this combination of subject matter is bound to gather interest in the Internet legal and political community.