Sacred Earth : A Photographic Tour of the Sacred Sites of our Planet by Martin Gray

In our opinion, Martin Gray, some of whose photographs have been published by National Geographic, is one of the outstanding photographers of our age. He specializes in photographing our planet’s “Sacred Sites”. His recent “Places of Peace and Power : Sacred Sites Newsletter” ( indicates that he has finally completed his photographic book:
Sacred Earth

You can at the moment even get an autographed version.

As written in the foreword by Graham Hancock:

Acclaimed photographer and anthropologist Martin Gray has spent the last twenty years on a pilgrimage photographing and exploring more than a thousand sacred sites in eighty countries. Now, this stunning beautiful and deeply rewarding book conveys the essence of this remarkable journey to locations and sites imbued with the power to awaken feelings of transcendence, awe, and peace….

Accompanying each photograph is an insightful commentary that takes us deep into the history, mythology, and spiritual magnetism of the particular place. We come to realize that these stone rings, pyramids, shrines, and temples are often situated in locations that were discovered to possess special powers and energies by pre-industrial peoples who recognized the earth as a living and sacred being worthy of deep respect.

Please note that this blog posting is not a paid advertisement but our own honest opinion.