Zoho features Zoho Writer as an Online Word Processor and Other Useful Ajax-based Programs

We recently ran across a rather intriguing site, Zoho, which is currently in Beta and features a large number of Ajax based progams, including Zoho Writer, an excellent online word processor for creating both private as well as public documents. Zoho is MSOffice and Open Office compatible. We took one of our own larger hobby publications and gave it a try, resulting in a document that we published on Zoho as a public document titled Horus Falcon Cult as Astronomy. Published documents are also automatically given an RSS Feed. The original document formatting had to be tweaked a bit, but the result was most certainly acceptable.

In addition to Zoho Writer, Zoho features the following Zoho programs:

Zoho Sheet (spreadsheets online)
Zoho Show (online presentations)
Zoho Meeting (web conferencing)
Zoho Notebook (online note taker)
Zoho DB & Reports (online database & reporting)
Zoho Planner (online organizer)
Zoho Projects (project management software)
Zoho CRM (on-demand CRM solution)
Zoho Creator (for database applications)
Zoho Wiki (with many features)
Zoho Chat (for group decisionmaking)
Zoho Mail (collaboration groupware)
Zoho Business (online business solutions)
Zoho Polls (online polls)
Zoho Viewer (view and share documents online)
Zoho Challenge (to evaluate candidates)
Site 24×7 (website monitoring service)
Zoho Start (dashboard for Office files)
Zoho Plugin for Microsoft Office
Zoho QuickRead for IE and Firefox
Zoho API (to create applications)
Zoho Widgets (for the desktop)
Zoho CRM Plugin (for MS Outlook).