Environmental Zones to be Designated in 20 German Cities Starting January 1, 2008

The German Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt) reports (in English) that new environmental zones (“Umweltzonen”) are to be designated in 20 major German cities starting January 1, 2008.

At the start of the new year, i.e. as of January 1, 2008, the new environmental zones go into force first in the three designated cities of Berlin, Cologne and Hannover and only vehicles displaying a special emissions-control sticker (“Feinstaubplakette”) will be allowed to enter these zones. This sticker will be valid throughout Germany.

The special emissions sticker comes in three colors: red and yellow and green. From January 1, 2008 to January 1, 2010, vehicles having stickers in any of the three colors (such vehicles at least meet the requirements of Pollutant Class 2) can drive in the environmental zone. After January 1, 2010 only vehicles with the green sticker (Pollutant Class 4) will be allowed to drive in the environmental zone.

At the official website of Berlin, there is a map of the affected area of the city also showing the “environmental zone” traffic sign which will mark the designated area in Berlin (the smaller “sticker sign” below the larger sign shows which stickered cars can pass the sign – and, obviously, cars having no such sticker can not drive in these areas – unless they obtain a special exemption):

The Berlin city website also provides downloads in five languages of the applicable rules and affected areas as follows:

Umweltzone Broschüre (pdf; 192 KB) de – German
The environmental zone (pdf; 192 KB) en – English (Better Air for Berlin – What Drivers Need to Know)
Cevre Koruma Bölgesi (pdf; 335 KB) tr – Turkish
Экологическая зона (pdf; 1.8 MB) ru – Russian
Strefa ekologiczna (pdf; 345 KB) en – Polish

There is also a special website for the environmental zone in Cologne (Köln), at which a special Flyer in German language, but including a map of the environmental zone can be downloaded. The map below is linked from meinestadt.de (which contains additional information in German):

Also Hannover has a special website page for its environmental zone and a large map of that zone, which we link to here in smaller format:

Environmental zones. Absurdly rising oil and gas prices. Pressures from the EU on German car manufacturers. Perhaps it is no wonder that domestic cars sales in Germany in 2007 have been disastrous thus far. It may be getting time to break out the bicycles.

LibraryThing is an Online Bookshelf for Everyone

Take a look at LibraryThing, which is an online bookshelf for your books.

Below is a cropped screen shot of our first book entry, Stars Stones and Scholars, on our LibraryThing bookshelf. This gives an idea of the website interface, which offers the user various alternatives for presentation of book data. LibraryThing is free up to the first 200 entries:

Information Technology Governance in 2008 : The Privacy Landscape : The Changing Legal Framework for Corporate IT and Digital Accounting in Germany

Please note that our posting here is not a comprehensive handling of the topic of IT Governance but is intended rather to alert interested readers to a burgeoning field which impacts law, especially on the example of Germany. It is best to follow some of the links given below for more information.

Information technology governance (“IT governance”) is a burgeoning field, as can be read for example at the IT Governance Roundtable of the IT Governance Institute. For a general overview of IT governance, see CIO.com’s ABC: An Introduction to IT Governance by Karen D. Schwartz, for IT Governance in Practice see that PWC report, and for a prospective view to 2008 see IT and the Changing Privacy Landscape: Eight Areas to Watch in ’08 by Brian Tretick, executive director, Privacy Risk Advisory Services at Ernst & Young, December 28, 2007.

We were led to this topic for Germany via Overcoming the Thicket: Five Steps Toward Successful Post-Merger IT Restructuring in Germany, a September 2007 article by Jyn Schultze-Melling LL.M in Law Technology Today, the webzine of the ABA Law Practice Management Section.

As Schultze-Melling notes in his article, the legal framework governing corporate IT in Germany has become rather long and complex. For example, as he writes, one must be familiar inter alia with the following important German regulations:

1) Grundsätze ordnungsmäßiger DV-gestützter Buchführungssysteme (GoBS)
translated inter alia as “Generally Accepted Principles of Computer-Assisted Accounting Systems” (GAPCAS) or also as “Generally accepted principles of computerized accounting systems” – see the German text of this administrative instruction as issued by the German Finance Ministry in 1995 (Schreiben des Bundesministeriums der Finanzen an die obersten Finanzbehörden der Länder vom 7. November 1995 – IV A 8 – S 0316 – 52/95- BStBl 1995 I S. 738)


2) (Grundsätze zum Datenzugriff und zur Prüfbarkeit digitaler Unterlagen) – GDPdU
translated inter alia as “Principles of data access and auditing of digital documents”
which is an administrative instruction from the German Finance Ministry issued in 2001 (BMF-Schreiben vom 16. Juli 2001 – IV D 2 – S 0316 – 136/01 -).

See in this regard also the bookmarked links for the user UKff at Mister Wong
as well as the MittelstandsWiki from Oracle Germany (unfortunately, only in German).

As far as the problem of divining German accounting principles, see for a useful, thoughtful presentation the article
German Financial Accounting and Reporting FAQs and Fallacies by Robin Bonthrone
where he writes clear back in the year 2000 (this is but a small part of his article):

Section 243 (1) of the HGB sets out that financial statements must be prepared in accordance with the GoB (“Der Jahresabschluß ist nach den Grundsätzen ordnungsmäßiger Buchführung aufzustellen”). The problem is that these GoB are not actually defined anywhere! Born (Rechnungslegung International—Konzernabschlüsse nach IAS, US-GAAP, HGB und EG-Richtlinien, 2. Auflage; Schäffer-Poeschel 1999) refers to them as ein unbestimmter Rechtsbegriff. According to the Wirtschaftsprüfer-Handbuch 1996, the following may be considered part of the GoB:

  • Commercial and tax laws (e.g. HGB, AktG, EStG, EstR, GmbHG) and EC Directives, in particular the 4th (annual accounts) and 7th (consolidated accounts) Directives
  • Rulings by the BGH (Bundesgerichtshof/Federal Court of Justice), BFH (Bundesfinanzhof/Federal Finance Court) and the ECJ (European Court of Justice)
  • Opinions and statements issued by the IDW (Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer/German Institute of Auditors), opinions issued by the DIHT (Deutscher Industrie- und Handelstag/German Industrial Trade Association)
  • gesicherte Erkenntnisse der Betriebswirtschaftslehre (undefined)
  • The relevant professional literature (again undefined)
  • and finally, what I think must qualify as one of the great Gummibegriffe of all time: die Bilanzierungspraxis ordentlicher Kaufleute

Take a look at the entire writing by Robin Bonthrone.

Confirming the existence of those same problems currently, we find the following reference at the SAP website in note 36 to the Consolidated Financial Statements 2006 regarding significant differences between German and U.S. accounting principles:

Because SAP AG is a German holding corporation that owns the majority of voting rights in other enterprises, it is generally obliged to prepare consolidated financial statements in accordance with the accounting regulations set out in the German Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch – HGB). The German Commercial Code Implementation Act (Einführungsgesetz zum HGB-EGHGB), section 58 paragraph 5 and the German Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch – HGB), section 292a, offer an exemption from this obligation if consolidated financial statements are prepared and published in accordance with an internationally accepted accounting principle (such as U.S. GAAP or IFRS). To make use of this exemption, we are required to describe the significant differences between the accounting methods applied and German accounting methods.

Take a look at that website for more detailed information.

The website IAS Plus from Deloitte covers Accounting Standards Updates by Jurisdiction – in this case Germany and points there to pending legislation which involves forthcoming major changes in German accounting law as follows:

Major changes in German accounting law are under discussion

On 8 November 2007, the German Ministry of Justice (MOJ) issued for public comment a staff draft of the German Accounting Law Modernisation Act (BilMoG) (PDF 651k, German language). The overall goals of the reform are to (1) modernise the German Accounting Law (Handelsgesetzbuch, or HGB) and (2) reduce regulatory burden on companies. The proposed changes are generally in the direction of closer conformity of the HGB with IFRSs. The bill would also make changes in the areas of auditing, supervisory boards, and audit committees. Importantaccounting changes include:

  • greater recognition of intangible assets (although the related increase in equity would not be available for distrbution as dividends)
  • special purpose entities controlled by a parent would have to be consolidated
  • recognition of deferred tax assets (previously prohibited)
  • measurement of financial assets held for trading at fair values in excess of initially recognised costs
  • measurement of provisions at discounted amounts
  • inclusion of actuarial assumptions in the measurement of pension liabilities
  • exemption of small non-listed entities from the requirement to publish HGB-GAAP financial statements

The staff draft is currently out for comment by key interested parties until 8 January 2008. Thereafter, the draft law will be revised based on the comments received by MOJ and then submitted to both chambers of Parliament (the Deutsche Bundestag and Bundesrat) where it will be deliberated for at least several months. Many observers anticipate a heated debate. The original time frame indicated by the MOJ was for publication of the final law in the second half of 2008, with applicability as of 1 January 2009. However, observers suggest that due to significant election dates in 2008 and 2009, that date may not be feasible to uphold.
[emphasis added by LawPundit]

See also

The IT Metrics and Productivity Institute

Five Domains of Internet Technology Governance for Consideration by Boards of Directors by Matthew Fletcher, June, 2006

IT Jobs in the UK – Trend, 2007

It Governance in Higher Education – Educause, September, 2007

Happy New Year to Latvia and its Beautiful Women : We wish all (Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus) un Laimīgu Jauno Gadu!

Happy New Year to Latvia and its Beautiful Women

We thought we would pass this story on to all of our friends and readers in the Baltic and to those Latvian ladies – or those whose descendants stem from Latvia – who are amongst our own near family and relations.

A friend of ours has stated that Latvia (per capita) has the greatest number of beautiful women in the world. She is someone who has traveled all over the planet and she says that the Latvian ladies in Riga – at least the ones that are seen in the city – are simply stunning.

Whether this is true or not – beauty is in the eyes of the beholder – it is still a nice affirmation. Hey, it could be true.

Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus un Laimīgu Jauno Gadu!

Why Celebrate the New Year Now? did Julius Caesar reform the calendar? or the Egyptians before him? and are there large errors in man’s chronology?

Happy New Year 2008 is just a few days distant,
but why do we celebrate the New Year now and not at some other time?

N.S. Gill at about.com has a nice posting about the Julian Calendar and the Julius Caesar (?) Calendar Reform at

Prior to that calendar reform, whenever it actually happened (see below), ancient chronology is a mess. Over the years we have tried to draw attention to the problem by pointing out obvious errors in analysis of the available evidence as made by scholars in the field in formulating the timeline of man’s ancient history.

Indeed, we have also suggested some obvious corrections to chronology based upon our analysis of the evidence available. EVIDENCE is not a main concern of the humanities, and chronology is a very good example of that.

See e.g. a new source out of Egypt
for evidence that the calendar reform ascribed to Caesar occurred even earlier

and then look at more evidence concerning the errors committed by mainstream academia in assigning a chronology to Moses and the consequences of those errors at
Moses and Exodus (the short version)
or see the link below for the longer version
with King Tut (Tutankhamun)

and then view my Absolute Chronology of the World by Astronomy at

and see in that regard the ancient Egyptian chronology of Manetho at

and see also my comments on the erroneous Maya chronology of mainstream Maya scholars at
as related to the Pharaonic calendric count at

That is enough material to suggest some of the major problems (and possible solutions) that currently exist in man’s chronology of his own ancient past, errors which have been made due to faulty analysis of the evidence available.

There is definitely still a lot of “calendric work” to be done before we have man’s history and calendration right.

Open Source Related Patent Litigation Update on Network Appliance/Sun Lawsuit from Dana Lengkeek

Dana Lengkeek of Corporate Communications at Sun Microsystems, Inc., has sent us the following year-end “Update on Network Appliance/Sun Lawsuit” (Monday, December 17, 2007 4:16:26 PM) [published here with her permission]:

Hello –

Moving into the end of the year I wanted to provide an overview of where we are with the Network Appliance lawsuit. Following is the current status of activity, please let me know if you have any questions.

Dana Lengkeek
Corporate Communications
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Phone: 650 786 4017
Mobile: 415 994 4008
Email: Dana.Lengkeek@Sun.COM


As of Friday, December 14, Sun has filed reexamination requests for three Network Appliance patents as part of its response to a lawsuit initially filed by Network Appliance against Sun on September 5, 2007. This follows the agreement last month with Network Appliance to transfer
Network Appliance’s lawsuit from Texas and litigate it along with the case Sun filed in California. The motion to transfer was filed on November 21 and the cases are now assigned to a mutually agreed upon judge. With each company being headquartered in northern California and the majority of inventors and innovation in dispute originating in California, it makes sense for this case to be litigated in this jurisdiction. We are pleased that Network Appliance agreed to Sun’s
request and retracted its imprudent choice of venue for this litigation.

Reexams have been filed on the NetApp WAFL patents that purportedly cover concepts such as copy on write, snapshot and writable snapshot. There is a significant amount of prior art describing this technology that was not in front of the US patent office when it first examined
these patents. In just one example, the early innovation by Mendel Rosenblum and John Ousterhout on Log Structured File Systems, applauded in a NetApp blog
http://blogs.netapp.com/dave/2007/09/vmwares-founder.html as being inspirational to the founders, was not considered by the patent office in the examination of the NetApp patents.

Sun is committed to protecting innovation and the open source community against this attack. The reexamination of three Network Appliance patents seeks to ensure the open source community continues to have access to technology that Network Appliance did not invent. Sun is also in the process of identifying other Network Appliance patents to be reexamined. We continue to receive support from the open source community in terms of prior art and appreciate the community response to protect innovation. We would like to thank those who have sent in relevant art that has been used in connection with the reexamination requests.

Sun’s actions are in response to the suit Network Appliance brought against the company to forestall competition from the free ZFS technology. Sun’s earlier filings include patent counterclaims against the entirety of Network Appliance’s product line, including the entire NetApp Enterprise Fabric Attached Storage (FAS) products, V-series products using Data ONTAP software, and NearStore products, seeking both injunction and monetary damages.

Sun is confident in our patents and claims against Network Appliance, and pleased with the direction of our case. To view more information, including the filings, visit Sun’s Open Source Community Support page at www.sun.com/lawsuit/zfs.

The Problem of Being Kaulins – Websites, Blogs and their Authors – A Case of Mistaken Identity – Too many Kaulinses

We recently received several emails confusing us with other people on the Internet among other things because of our personal name, Andis Kaulins, which for many years we ourselves thought to be unique on this planet, which has turned out not to be the case.

There is for example another Andis Kaulins on this planet, no relation to us whatsoever, who has a blog called Andis Kaulins in China and he also blogs at Spaces, MySpace, and Tumblr at those links. There may be more, but we do not know of them.

I myself have two – and only two – blogs at blogspot.com with the name Kaulins in them, the blog Kaulins and the Andis Kaulins Blog (see my Blogspot profile).

All other blogs at blogspot.com with the name Kaulins in them are NOT my blogs.

There is unfortunately an anonymous blogger at blogspot.com who is creating some ill will in the community. This person is posting in part objectionable material at the addresses kaulins2.blogspot through kaulins7.blogspot. I AM NOT THIS BLOGGER nor is this person any relation to my family, near or far, and I distance myself completely from the materials found there.

Nevertheless, should this blogger ever com across this posting here, please be advised that you are posting copyrighted material to your blogs without attribution and that some people out there are not very pleased about it. Please tell your readers where your material – as copyrighted by others – is coming from, or remove it from the Internet.

It is of course an irritation to me that someone out there is doing something like this, because the surname Kaulins has a good reputation in Latvia, where the name originates. For example, the first music journal in Latvia was published by a Kaulins, a Kaulins had a famous private library in Latvia which served as a foundation for today’s library at the University of Latvia, a Kaulins was a famous linguist at the University of Latvia, and a Kaulins has produced Latvia’s astronomy almanac. We have also had black sheep – the most famous Communist in Latvia was a Kaulins as was also the best-known leading director of a kolkhoz in Soviet days.

The heart of the problem is that anonymity on blogs – availed to by our mysterious poster – is a double-edged sword. We all applaud it when someone is anonymously reporting news from an area of the world where revealing the author’s name would be a danger to him. On the other hand, permitting anonymity also permits people to post the daftest things on the Internet, often showing the black side of human nature, which is present on this planet in abundance. So why add to the negatives on this planet by posting objectionable material anonymously. It is something that we simply do not understand.

We ourselves DO NOT post anonymously – anywhere. Thank you.

Christmas Markets in Europe are currently Featured at ViaMichelin.com

If you have never seen one of the fantastic top Christmas markets in Europe, you should, if you can.

We subscribe to the ViaMichelin Newsletter and they have a great feature in their current edition on some of the top Christmas Markets in Europe, with great photography and descriptions.

We know many people at this time of year who drive to specific Christmas markets here in Europe much in the same way that tourists visit famed cultural sites – these markets are that impressive.

Take a look at the photos and descriptions – you might find something you like (click on the numbers below the initial photo at that link to view more Christmas markets).

The Year 2007 Will Soon End and 2008 is Coming : What Does the Future Hold? Try the Search Engine Filter Future Scanner

Future Scanner is a search engine filter that scans the future – click any year you want, starting at the year 2008, going year by year to the year 2020 – and … beyond. Obviously, there are all kinds of predictions for 2008 as we head into the New Year.

Drug Testing & Law at The Issue + Flat Tax

The Blog Newspaper The Issue has as its current Issue of the Day the subject of Drug Testing, which then links to blogs covering that topic from a legal point of view.

The Newsroom currently points to a discussion of The Flat Tax.

The whole site looks like it is just starting up yet and the color selection is candylike, but a Blog Newspaper like this is an interesting idea.

Two Articles on the Growing Power of Blogs – via Neil J. Squillante of TechnoLawyer

Neil J.Squillante of TechnoLawyer sent me the following e-mail some time ago under the title: “Two Articles on the Growing Power of Blogs”. I had not posted it yet but here now is Neil’s email on this important topic (the links in his email are operative):

Hi Andis,

In case you missed them, FindLaw recently published two
articles about blogs:

In “How Bloggers Influence Corporations,” David Canton of
eLegal Canton issues a wake-up call to large corporations.
In so doing, he cites several BlawgWorld blawgs, including
Canadian Privacy Law Blog, Michael Geist’s Blog, and
George’s Employment Blawg. Read the article.

In “The State of Legal Blogs: A Report From the Frontlines,”
Blawg.com founder Bill Gratsch discusses the breadth and
diversity of today’s legal blogosphere compared to the early
days five years ago. He also lists several blawg
directories, including his own Blawg.com, our BlawgWorld
eBook, and the always mysterious Blawg Review. Read the


Neil J. Squillante
PeerViews Inc.
825 Third Avenue
Second Floor
New York, NY 10022



LandingPage Interactive

Christmas Gift Ideas : The Book Stars Stones & Scholars Is a Ray of Light in the Darkness

What the Da Vinci Code is to fiction, this book is to non-fiction.

Looking for that special gift for an academic who has everything?

He may not have this:

Stars Stones and ScholarsHARDCOVER or SOFTCOVER
a pioneer study in the history of civilization. The book claims to decipher the megaliths as Neolithic border and landmark stones sighted (and sited) by prehistoric astronomy. The book is controversial, arguing that mainstream academic evaluation of archaeological evidence is faulty.

See the reviews here…… megaliths

Sevenload As An Alternative to YouTube for Video Uploading and Downloading – Andis Kaulins in 2007 Hitting a 300-Yard Drive

OK, here is the 60-year old LawPundit at Golf Club Cochem on the Moselle driving range hitting a drive 300 yards at the start of the 2007 golf season. I swung a bit too hard on this one, but to see why the ball travels as far as it does, turn off the sound and just concentrate on the speed of the clubhead at impact and beyond. Clubhead speed gives you that extra distance. Swing THROUGH.

Link: sevenload.com
Germany has come up with an interesting photo and video site called sevenload that serves for many as an alternative to YouTube. As written at KillerStartups.com:

Sevenload.com is Germany’s leading digital media platform for photos and videos on the internet.

Sevenload (correctly written without the capital S as sevenload) is available not only in German, but also in English and Turkish, with more languages planned. Here are the links:

sevenload in English : http://en.sevenload.com/
sevenload in German: http://de.sevenload.com/
sevenload in Turkish: http://tr.sevenload.com/

China and US Patent Reform : The Rule of Law and the Consent of the Governed : The Patent Monopoly Factory

Patent Reform in the USA has drawn the attention of a Chinese expert.

Philip Brooks’ Patent Infringement Updates in the posting China Weighs in on U.S. Patent Reform Bill points out that Yongshun Cheng, current director of the Beijing Intellectual Property Institute and one of the top three IP figures in China, is of the opinion that the proposed US Patent Reform Act of 2007 would make it easier for patents to be infringed.

Take a look at Brooks’ posting as well as the original translated article by Cheng.

People such as myself, who strongly support the US Patent Reform Act of 2007, appreciate Cheng’s concerns and arguments. Any time that you change the laws to restore balance to any system, you are going to get countervailing effects, and some of these may in fact be some of the dangers that Cheng identifies.

Nevertheless, when the law is confronted with a system that is greatly out of balance – then such a system must be tweaked to save the system as a whole, even if the actions to be taken also have some negative implications.

It is imperative – as a matter of the successful rule of law – that laws in force are seen as sensible by the governed so that the governed can give their consent to them and thus give them legitimacy. This is the Jeffersonian doctrine of consent by the governed, which incorporates the idea of limited government. Whenever the government begins to play too large a role in the affairs of business and commerce, you have trouble brewing ahead.

Under current patent law, the government in the United States through the USPTO and the courts has played an increasingly significant role in redistributing wealth in a bizarre fashion to people who have not earned it. The USPTO in granting patents for thousands of obvious inventions – which should in fact have been denied patent protection – and the courts, by enforcing existing patent laws and protecting undeserving patents, have been acting as handmaidens to the virtual extortion of monies by patent holders and patent trolls from legitimate enterprises.

This raises danger signals for democracy.

Obviously, this can not go on, and the Patent Reform Act of 2007 is designed to put a stop to the most obvious flagrant and widespread abuses of patent law – abuses which still daily mark our news headlines.

Read generally Zachary Roth’s The Monopoly Factory

LawPundit Readers From more than 3000 Cities and over 150 Countries

A reader from the 3000th city to visit LawPundit arrived at our blog in the year 2007, so we are taking stock of the LawPundit blawg readership, which over the last two years has come from over 150 countries and from more than 500 states, provinces and regions.

Stats at Google Analytics for LawPundit usage by visitors cover a period starting in November, 2005.

These stats tell us that our readership is growing by about 15% per year. The average reader spends three minutes at LawPundit and tends to look at the searched archived page that led him to LawPundit as well as at the current main LawPundit blog page.

To our lists of visitors below, we have – primarily for our own use – added some selected – but not comprehensive – links to websites and blogs that relate to or are located in visitor countries. This is neither an endorsement of these websites or blogs nor does it mean that these websites or blogs are visitors to LawPundit.

The visitors by country
in the order of frequency of their visits according to Google Analytics.

1. United States – Blawgs in the USA by State or by category or law school are found at Blawg Search. There are of course many such blogs, e.g. SCOTUSblog (US Supreme Court decisions), Chicago Law School Faculty Blog, Georgetown Law Faculty Blog, Dorf on Law (a Colulmbia prof’s law-related musings), How Appealing (appellate litigation), Leonard Link (sexuality and the law), Volokh Conspiracy, ABA Blawg Directory
2. GermanyIP::JUR (in English), Lenz Blog (.en, .de, .jp), David’s Medienkritik (a critical blog in English about problematical German media coverage of US events), Weblawg.de (see world map of domains), jurabilis, ElbeBlawg, law blog, Streitsache, Telemedicus, TransBlawg (translation blog), Vertretbar Weblawg, JuraBlogs (.de), JuracityBlog (.de)
3. United Kingdom – United Kingdom law blogs at Blawg Search, Law Weblog (from Bournemouth & Poole College), Impact® Freeth Cartwright, Infolaw (UK resources and documents), Binary Law (legal information in the digital age), Bank Law Blog, Barrister Blog, Ruthie’s Law, Magistrate’s Blog, Charon QC , Conflict of Laws, EULawBlogger, Fiona Woolf, GeekLawyer’s Blog, Head of Legal, i-legal.info podcasts, Square Mile Law, Binary Law, Landlord Law Blog, Marcel Berlins, Naked Law, Nearly Legal, PubLawyer, nipcLAW, PJHLaw – Employment Law Blog (.uk), TechnoLlama, Diaries of UK Law Students
4. IndiaLaw and Other Things, Law in India
5. CanadaCanadian Trademark Blog, Gahtan’s Technology and Internet Law Blog, eLegal Canton, Now, Why Didn’t I Think of That?, Wise Law Blog, Michael Geist (IP, Technology, DRM), Wines and Information Management (WIM), SLaw
6. LatviaLatvian Blogs, All About Latvia Blog, Latvian Abroad, Latvian Economy Watch, Marginalia, Resources of Latvia-Related Legal Information, Latvian Law Guide (2002), Latvijas Tiesu Portāls, TTC Terminology and Translation Center Database (LV, EN, RU, DE, FR), Legal.lv legal document database (LV, EN, RU) NAIS, E-jurists, Law Office B2B (LV, EN, RU, DE), elja.org, Baltic Visitor, Lettland blog
7. AustraliaAustralian Regulatory Compliance Review, Australian Trade Marks Law Blog, Lightbulb (Dilanchian IP Blog), IPwar’s, Terra Byte, Peter Black’s Freedom to Differ
8. FranceUn blog pour l’information juridique (some good info in English), le blog Droit administratif, Droit-commun, Journal du Marché Intérieur, Justice au singulier, Olivia Tambou, Quoi de neuf en Europe, Sous Réserve(s)
9. NetherlandsECJ Blog (ECJ = European Court of Justice), EU Law Blog, Law & Justice, ict-blawg, Comparative Law Blog, With Vigour and Zeal, Law of the EMU and euro, Nutsvoorzieningen
10. BelgiumBrussels Journal, Belgian Blogs, The Antitrust Hotch Potch, Belgian Energy Law

11. Philippines
Philippine e-Legal Forum, Sassy Lawyer
12. ItalyInternet Law – Copyright Law, Dell’Europa e delle pene, Diritto dell’Unione
13. IrelandIT Law in Ireland, Lex Ferenda, Digital Rights in Ireland, Irish Law Updates
14. JapanInternational Family Law, Lenz Blog (.en, .de, .jp), chosaq
15. PolandIP Law – Prawo nowoczesnych technologii (Blog poświęcony związkom prawa oraz technologii informatycznych, praw własności intelektualnej), IP Blog, Poland – IP law news and resources
16. IsraelOmer Tene’s Blog, Haim Ravia, Lapidot, Melchior
17. Malaysia
The Malaysian
18. SwitzerlandEU Case Law
19. SpainBlogEuropa.eu, Sevach y José Ramón Chaves García, iAbogado, K-Government Blog, Codigo-civil
20. China Asia Business Intelligence, China Law Blog, IP Dragon 知識產權龍, Chinese Law Prof Blog, China Business Law Blog 中國商法博客, China Daily (China Trademark Law)

21. Sweden
Swedish Law Blog , Grahnlaw at http://grahnlaw.blogspot.com in English, http://grahnblawg.blogg.se (in Sweden) and http://bloggen.fi/grahnlaw (in Finland) both in Swedish, and http://grahnlaw.blogs.fi in Finnish, Surftips – Seniorer, Swedish Corporate Law
22. Singapore
Singapore Law Blog, Singapore: New Media, Politics & the Law
23. Finlandgrahnblawg (fi.)
24. TurkeyTurkish Legal Resources, Carpetblogger
25. South KoreaKorea Blogs, The Korean Law Blog, and see also this posting relating to South and North Korea from Wiggin and Dana’s Franchise Law Blog
26. New Zealandmediator blah…blah…, LawFuel
27. Hong Kong SAR Chinablogging in Hong Kong is dangerous
28. Austriae-comm, Aktenvermerk, contentandcarrier,
29. PortugalBlawgs, Instituto Politecnico de Beja (Blawg Directory), Patologia Social
30. RomaniaAlexandru Culiuc

31. NorwayCarl Talk – Stormers Blog
32. DenmarkGotzeBlogged in English and Gotze 2.0 in Danish
33. Brazil Marcel Leonardi – Direito e Internet, Blawg Links
34. NigeriaNigerian Blogs Aggregator, Chippla’s Weblog, Nigerian Blogger in Cyprus, Blogger Nigeria
35. GreeceGreek Blogs, jorjevio digest
36. Mexico Mexican Law
37. Taiwan Taiwan Law
38. South AfricaSouth Africa Rocks, Blog South Africa, Jacobson Attorneys, Biotechnology Law
39. HungaryThe Blog of Hungary

40. ThailandThailand Law Forum
41. BarbadosMy Barbados Blog
42. RussiaRussian Law Blog (in English), Sean’s Russia Blog (Post-Soviet Blog Links), Russia Blog, [link deleted], Russia Monitor, Gridskipper, Accidental Russophile, Krusenstern, Scraps of Moscow (Russian and Eurasian Blog List)
43. ArgentinaBlawgs, E Laws Technologia & derecho
44. Czech RepublicJiné právo (Zapomeňte na to, že právo je „souborem platných právních norem“. Skutečné právo je jiný svět: je to intelektuální výzva, kontext, zábava, umění, poslání, život… Tento blog přináší novinky a náhodné postřehy ze světa jiného práva)
45. LithuaniaLituanica, Baltic Visitor, A Guide to the Lithuanian Legal System
46. PakistanGuide to Pakistan Law
47. United Arab EmiratesTravel to UAE
48. (unknown origin visitors)
49. Estonia Baltic Visitor
50. Serbia And MontenegroExpat-Blog

51. IranIran News at the New York Times
52. EgyptEgyptian Blog Ring, Egypt expat blogs
53. BulgariaMaya’s Corner
54. LuxembourgEuroYank Discovering Luxembourg
55. Slovakia Slovakian Blogs
56. Vietnam Our Man in Hanoi
57. Ivory CoastWorld Cup Blog
58. IndonesiaIndonesian Law Reporter (Indolawreport), Anggara First, Blog Indonesia, Law Journal
59. SloveniaThe Glory of Carniola
60. MaltaMalta-Blogger.com

61. CroatiaAll about Croatia
62. CyprusCyprus Blogs
63. EcuadorTop 500
64. JordanAn American in Jordan,
65. UkraineNeeka’s Backlog, Greetings from Kyiv
66. Saudi Arabia Bloggers in Saudi Arabia
67. ChileBlawg Links
68. Iceland Iceland Eyes
69. KenyaKenyan Pundit, Africaincorp (Africa), Africa Expat Wives Club
70. Puerto RicoPuerto Rico Law Blog / Abogado en Puerto Rico – BoricuaLaw, Puerto Rico Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

71. BahamasBahamas Tourist Guide
72. Colombia Colombia Positiva
73. KuwaitKuwait Blogs
74. Costa RicaCosta Rica Blogs
75. Sri LankaSri Lanka Blog Directory
76. VenezuelaBraulio Jatar Alonso
77. BangladeshLaw Chronicles Online
78. GhanaMy Heart’s In Accra, Ghana Bloggers, Ghana Blogs
79. Morocco My Marrakesh
80. Albania Albania Blogs

81. MauritiusMauritius
82. Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago News Blog
83. PeruPracticalLegal: Sólo Merketing Legal, Mercolex
84. BeninAfrica Ready for Business
85. OmanOman Blogs, Oman Expat Blogs
86. EthiopiaEthiopian Blogs and Bloggers
87. Georgia Kaukasus, Georgia & South Caucasus
88. MacedoniaMacedonian Blogs
89. JamaicaStet by Ria Bacon
90. LebanonOpen Lebanon

91. NepalNepalese Blogs
92. Qatar Blogs about Qatar
93. SyriaSyriaComment.com, Syria Planet
94. TogoTogo Tribune
95. U.S. Virgin IslandsVirgin Islands Law Blog
96. AzerbaijanBlog Toplist, Azerbaijan Blogs
97. Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Live, Expat Blogs
98. Tanzania Global Voices
99. BahrainBahrain Blogs Aggregator, Best of the Arab Blogs
100. IraqMichael J. Totten

101. KazakhstanKZ BLog, Kazakhstan Blogs
102. Tunisia Tunesian Blog Awards
103. UgandaUganda-CAN
104. Gibraltar BritBlogs in Gibraltar
105. Guatemala Global Voices Online Guatemala
106. HondurasHonduras Blogs, Expat Blogs Honduras
107. MoldovaLaw in Moldova, EuroBlog, Doi Ani de Zile: Adventures in Moldova
108. Namibia Blogs about Namibia
109. PanamaL’Observatoire du Droit Panaemeen et du Droit International
110. Saint LuciaSt. Lucia Blogs

111. Senegalsavagebeasts, Blogs about Senegal
112. ZambiaNew Zambia
113. ZimbabweFor Everything Related, This is Zimbabwe
114. AlgeriaAlgerian Blogs
115. Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and Barbuda Blogs
116. Belarus Belarus Blogs, Belarusan American Blog
117. BermudaBermuda on de Rock, a Limey in Bermuda, Under the Bermuda Sun,
118. Bolivia Bolivia Blogs
119. Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Blogs
120. Brunei Simpur Brunei Blogging Nation

121. CambodiaCambodia Blogs
122. Cayman IslandsCayman Islands Blogs
123. GrenadaTravel Pod Blog
124. GuamDave Owen’s Guam Blog, Guam Blogs
125. MongoliaMongolia Culture Blog, The Mongolian Monitor
126. Palestinian TerritoryBlogs about Palestinian Territory
127. UzbekistanUzbekistan Blogs
128. YemenYemen Blogs
129. AfghanistanAfghanistan Blogs
130. American SamoaAmerican Samoa Blogs

131. Antarctica Antarctica Blog
132. ArmeniaThe Armenia Blog, Hetq Online, Blogrel
133. ArubaBlogs about Aruba, This is Aruba
134. DominicaLiving Dominica
135. El SalvadorTim’s El Salvador Blog
136. EritreaEritrea Blogs
137. FijiStuck in Fiji M.U.D., Fiji Voices
138. French PolynesiaBlogs about Tahiti, Jiriki
139. GuadeloupeGuadelupe Blogs
140. KyrgyzstanBlogs about Kyrgyzstan

141. LibyaLibyan Blogs
142. LiechtensteinHobo Traveler
143. Macao SAR ChinaMacao SAR of China Newsfeed
144. MalawiMalawi’s Blogosphere at Soyapi Mumba’s Blog
145. MaldivesMaldives Blogs
146. MaliMali Blogs
147. MicronesiaBlogs about Micronesia
148. MonacoMonte Carlo Daily Photo, Young Royal News
149. Myanmar (Burma)Global Voices, Burma (Myanmar) Blog
150. Netherlands AntillesKarel’s Legal Blog

151. NicaraguaBetween the Waves
152. Northern Mariana IslandsNorthern Mariana Islands Blogs
153. ParaguayParaguay Blogs
154. RwandaRwanda Blogs
155. Saint Kitts and NevisDiscover Saint Kitts and Nevis Beaches
156. SudanThe Passion of the Present
157. TurkmenistanNahili Innovation

Some thus far non-visiting countries are: Angola, Burkina Faso, Burundi (Burundi blog, African Path), Cameroon (Cameroon bloggers), DR Congo (Eye on Africa, Congo Bloggers at BrianJBecker.com),
Gabon, Guinea Konakry, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Madagascar,

For a large list of blogs by country see World Blogs. For blog rankings see The Truth Laid Bare.

The visitors by state, province or region
are ranked below in order of frequency according to Google Analytics.
We were going to put links next to each location and started doing so, but we think it is better to use a search engine for more information if such is needed.

1. (undeterminable)
2. Rheinland-Pfalz (Trier, Rhineland Palatinate, DE) – LawPundit
3. California – California Blawgs
4. England – England Blogs
5. New York – New York blawgs, nyc bloggers
6. Texas – Texas Blawgs
7. Illinois – Illinois Blawgs
8. Florida – Florida Blawgs
9. Ohio – Ohio Blawgs
10. Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania Blawgs
11. Virginia – Virginia Blawgs
12. Ontario (Toronto, Ottawa, CA) – Ontario Personal Bankruptcy Blog
13. Georgia – Georgia Blawgs, Surreal Georgia
14. Massachusetts – Massachusetts Blawgs
15. North Carolina – North Carolina Blawgs
16. New Jersey – New Jersey Blawgs
17. Michigan – Michigan Blawgs
18. Washington (State) – Washington Blawgs
19. District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) – D.C. Bloggers
20. Missouri – Missouri Blawgs
21. Nebraska – HuskerBlawgs
22. Arizona – Arizona Blawgs
23. Maryland – Maryland Blawgs
24. Colorado – Colorado Blawgs
25. Nordrhein-Westfalen (Ruhr Valley, Northrhine-Westfalia, DE) – Sirchin
26. Hessen (Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, DE) –Sirchin
27. Minnesota – Minnesota Blawgs
28. Delhi (IN) – New Delhi Times
29. Oregon – Oregon Blawgs
30. Maharashtra (Mumbai, formerly Bombay, IN) – Foodie’s Hope
31. Bayern (Munich, Bavaria, DE) – Bavaria
32. Wisconsin – Wisconsin Blawgs
33. Tennessee – Tennessee Blawgs
34. Louisiana – Louisiana Blawgs
35. Ile-de-France (Paris, FR) – Key Figures, Paris Region
36. Indiana – Indiana Blawgs
37. Brussels (BE) – Brussels Media, Belgian Blog Awards
38. Connecticut – Connecticut Blawgs
39. New South Wales (Sydney, AU) – World’s Oldest Blogger at LiveLeak (108 years old)
40. British Columbia (Vancouver, CA)
41. Noord-Holland (Amsterdam, NL)
42. Dublin (IR)
43. Oklahoma – Oklahoma Blawgs
44. South Carolina – South Carolina Blawgs
45. Kansas – Kansas Blawgs
46. Kentucky – Kentucky Blawgs
47. Utah – Utah Blawgs
48. Alabama – Alabama Blawgs
49. Baden-Württemberg (Stuttgart, DE)
50. Quebec (CA)
51. Tamil Nadu (Chennai, formerly Madras, IN)
52. Scotland (GB, UK)
53. Manila, (PH)
54. Iowa – Iowa Blawgs
55. Nevada – Nevada Blawgs
56. Hawaii Hawaii Blawgs, Raising Islands
57. Arkansas – Arkansas Blawgs
58. Victoria (Melbourne, AU)
59. Tokyo (JP)
60. Queensland (Brisbane, AU)
61. Berlin (DE)
62. Idaho
63. Zurich (CH)
64. Alberta (Edmonton, Calgary, CA)
65. Milan (IT)
66. Auckland (Aotearoa, NZ)
67. Mississippi – Mississippi Blawgs
68. New Mexico – New Mexico Blawgs
69. Karnataka (Bangalore, IN)
70. Niedersachsen (Hannover, Göttingen, Lower Saxony, DE)
71. Lisboa (PT)
72. The Province of Southern Finland (Helsinki, FI)
73. Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (MY)
74. Hamburg (DE)
75. New Hampshire – New Hampshire Law Blog
76. Oslo (NO)
77. Attiki (Athens, GR)
78. Vienna (AT)
79. Seoul City (KR)
80. Maine – Maine Law Blawgs
81. Taipei (Taiwan, TW)
82. HaMerkaz (Gush Dan, Israel)
83. Rhode Island – Rhode Island Blawgs
84. Rome (IT)
85. Stockholms lan (SE)
86. Zuid-Holland (The Hague, Rotterdam, NL)
87. Copenhagen (DK)
88. Krung Thep Maha Nakhon Bangkok (TH)
89. West Virginia – West Virginia Blawgs
90. Mazowieckie (Warsaw, Masowia, PL)
91. Bucuresti (Bucharest, RO)
92. Budapest (HU)
93. Hefa (Haifa, IL)
94. Alaska – Alaska Blawgs
95. Manitoba (Winnipeg, CA)
96. Gauteng (Johannesburg, ZA)
97. Madrid (ES)
98. Pomorskie (Gdansk, PL)
99. Western Australia (Perth, AU)
100. Beijing (CN)
101. Delaware – Delaware Blawgs
102. Moscow (Russian Federation)
103. Vermont – Vermont Blawgs
104. Sao Paulo (BR)
105. South Australia (Adelaide, AU)
106. Sachsen (Dresden, Leipzig, Saxony, DE)
107. Stredocesky kraj (Czech Republic, CZ)
108. Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal, Indore, IN)
109. Distrito Federal (Mexico City, MX)
110. Capital federal (Buenos Aires, AR)
111. Osaka (JP)
112. Srbija (RS)
113. Wyoming – Law Library Letter
114. Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad, IN)
115. Nova Scotia (Halifax, CA)
116. South Dakota – S.D. Watch
117. The Province of Western Finland (Tampere, FI)
118. Antwerp (BE)
119. Istanbul (TR)
120. Montana – Montana Blawgs
121. Sofija-Grad (Sofia, BG)
122. Vastra Gotalands lan (Gothenburg, SE)
123. Tel-Aviv (IL)
124. Zagrebacka zupanija (Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska), HR)
125. Barcelona (ES)
126. Bremen (DE)
127. Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur (Nice, French Riviera, FR)
128. Tehran (IR)
129. Noord-Brabant (Eindhoven, NL)
130. Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow, Kanpur, IN)
131. Ankara (TR)
132. Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Regina, CA)
133. Utrecht (NL)
134. Wales (GB, UK)
135. Gujarat (Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, IN)
136. Jakarta Raya (ID)
137. Rhône-Alpes (Lyon, FR)
138. Geneva (Switzerland, Confoederatio Helvetica, CH)
139. Region Metropolitana de Santiago (CL)
140. Australian Capital Territory (Canberra, AU)
141. Chiba (JP)
142. Shanghai (CN)
143. Guangdong (Guangzhou, CN)
144. Lemesos (Limassol, CY)
145. Skane lan (Malmö, SE)
146. Northern Ireland (UK)
147. New Providence (Nassau, Bahamas, BS)
148. Gelderland (Nijmegen, Apeldoorn, Arnhem, NL)
149. Limburg (Maastricht, NL)
150. Wielkopolskie (Poznan, PL)
151. Bologna (IT)
152. Brandenburg (Potsdam, DE)
153. Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram, IN)
154. North Dakota
155. Nuevo León (MOnterrey, MX)
156. Rajasthan (Jaipur, IN)
157. West Bengal (Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, IN)
158. Diatrito Federal (Caracas, Venezuela, VE)
159. Fujian (Fuzhou, CN)
160. Basel-City (CH)
161. Malopolskie (Krakow, PL)
162. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Schwerin, DE)
163. New Brunswick (Saint John, CA)
164. Overijssel (Enschede, Zwolle, NL)
165. Pays de la Loire (Nantes, FR)
166. Punjab (Chandigarh, IN)
167. Schleswig-Holstein (Kiel, DE)
168. Slaskie (Katowice, Silesia, PL)
169. Dolnoslaskie (Wroclaw, Lower Silesia, PL)
170. Flemish Brabant (Leuven, BE)
171. Flevopolder (Lelystad, Flevoland, NL)
172. Gyeonggi-do (Suwon, KR)
173. Izmir (Smyrna, TR)
174. Jiangsu (Nanjing, CN)
175. Kyïv (Kiev, Ukraine, UA)
176. Languedoc-Roussillon (Montpelier, FR)
177. Lima (PE)
178. Midi-Pyrenees (Toulouse, FR)
179. Pichincha (Quito, Ecuador, EC)
180. Saarland (Saarbrücken, DE)
181. Wellington (NZ)
182. Western Cape (Cape Town, ZA)
183. Aichi (Nagoya, JP)
184. Alsace (Strasbourg, FR)
185. Bern (CH)
186. Kanagawa (Yokohama, JP)
187. Naples (IT)
188. Sankt-Petersburg (RU)
189. Aquitaine (Bordeaux, FR)
190. Auvergne (Clermont-Ferrand, FR)
191. Cluj (RO)
192. Fyn (Funen, Odense, DK)
193. Gyór (HU)
194. West Flanders (Bruges, De Haan, Knokke-Heist)
195. Zachodnio-Pomorskie (West Pomerania, Szczecin)
196. Cork (IR)
197. Distrito Capltal de Santa Fe de Bogotã (Bogota, CO)
198. East Flanders (Ghent, Sint-Niklaas, BE)
199. Florence (IT)
200. Groningen (NL)
201. Jalisco (Guadalajara, MX)
202. Kosovo-Metohija (RS)
203. Kyoto (JP)
204. Newfoundland and Labrador (St. John’s, CA)
205. Nord-Pas-de-Calais (Lille, FR)
206. Oita (JP)
207. Pest (Budapest, HU)
208. Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxony-Anhalt, Magdeburg, Halle, DE)
209. Selangor (Klang, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, MY)
210. Taranaki (New Plymouth, NZ)
211. Thüringen (Eichsfeld, Gotha, Erfurt, DE)
212. Upper Austria (Linz, AT)
213. Vaud (Lausanne, CH)
214. Vorarlberg
215. Aarhus
216. Adana
217. Faro
218. Hainaut
219. Haryana
220. Iasi
221. Severoceaky kraj
222. Soer-Troendelag
223. Styria
224. Trieste
225. Ar Riyad
226. Bari
227. Cebu
228. Centre
229. Federal District
230. Free State
231. Hsinchu
232. Hubei
233. Johor
234. Liaoning
235. Lodzkie
236. Lorraine
237. Palermo
238. Picardie
239. Pisa (IT)
240. Podkarpackie
241. Poitou-Charentes
242. Rio de Janeiro
243. Rogaland
244. Roskilde
245. The Province of Oulu
246. Torino
247. Trento
248. Uppsala lan (SE)
249. Verona
250. Vizcaya
251. Yerushalayim Al Quds
252. Zhejiang
253. Ancona
254. Antioquia
255. Ash Sharqlyah
256. Azuay
257. Baja California
258. Brittany
259. Buenos Aires
260. Burgundy
261. Crna Gora
262. Daegu Metropolitan City
263. Davao del Sur
264. Dolj
265. Drenthe
266. Fukuoka
267. Galway
268. Genoa
269. Goias
270. Guayas
271. Henan
272. Hordaland
273. Jawa Barat
274. Jihocesky kraj
275. Kronobergs lan
276. Kwazulu-Natal
277. Limerick
278. Luxembourg
279. Minas Gerais
280. Morelos
281. Negros Oriental
282. Nordjylland
283. Normandy – Upper
284. Northern Territory
285. Okinawa
286. Olt
287. Ostergotlands lan
288. Parana
289. Podlaskie
290. Pulau Pinang
291. Ringkoebing
292. Rio Grande do Sul
293. Salerno
294. Santa Catarina
295. Shandong
296. Sligo
297. Tasmania
298. The Province of Eastern Finland
299. Thessaloniki
300. Tochigi
301. Vasternorrlands lan
302. Andalucía
303. Anhui
304. Aveiro
305. Azarb&yjan-e-Sharq
306. Basel-Country
307. Bergamo
308. Bihor
309. Busan Metropolitan City
310. Canterbury
311. Carinthia
312. Channel Islands
313. Daejeon Metropolitan City
314. Diyarbakır
315. Gavleborgs lan
316. Gulzhou
317. Haskovo
318. Hebei
319. Hualien
320. Hunan
321. Hyogo
322. Ibaraki
323. Içel
324. Jawa Timur
325. Jihomoravsky kraj
326. Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok
327. Khoràsàn
328. Kocaeli
329. Krasnodarskiy kray
330. La Paz
331. Lubuskie
332. Odes ‘ka Oblast’
333. Orebro lan
334. Orissa
335. Otago
336. Padua
337. Pahang
338. Pampanga
339. País Vasco (Basque Country)
340. Primorskiy kray
341. Querétaro
342. Quezon
343. Rimini
344. Saitama
345. Salzburg
346. Samsun
347. Setúbal
348. Shaanxi
349. Sodermanlands lan
350. Sonora
351. Soveromoravsky kraj
352. Storstroem
353. Taichung
354. Tamaulipas
355. The Province of Lapland
356. Tianjin
357. Timis
358. Tipperary
359. Varna
360. Vasterbottens lan
361. Vastmanlands lan
362. Vestsjaelland
363. Vicenza
364. Vojvodina
365. Warminsko-Mazurskie
366. Yogyakarta JW
367. Zala
368. Zeeland
369. Aargau
370. Alessandria
371. Alicante
372. Aomori
373. Arge’
374. Asmara
375. Asturias
376. Atlántico
377. Avellino
378. Bacau
379. Bahia
380. Baranya
381. Bashkortostan, Republic
382. Beja
383. Bihar
384. Bolzano
385. Braga
386. Brescia
387. Burgenland
388. Bursa
389. Cavite
390. Ceara
391. Champagne-Ardenne
392. Chihuahua
393. Colmbra
394. Como
395. Corsica
396. Csongrád
397. Dalarnas lan
398. Donets’ka Oblast’
399. Durango
400. Eastern Cape
401. Esfahan
402. Eskişehir
403. Fars
404. Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina
405. Fejér
406. Ferrara
407. Finnmark
408. Frederiksborg
409. Fribourg
410. Friesland
411. Gangwon-do
412. Gaziantep
413. Goa
414. Gotlands lan
415. Guipuzcoa
416. Gyeongsangnam-do
417. HaDarom
418. Hallands lan
419. Harghita
420. Heves
421. Hidalgo
422. Iloilo
423. Isle Of Man
424. Jeollabuk-do
425. Jiangxi
426. Kagoshima
427. Kaohsiung
428. Karditsa
429. Kedah
430. Kelantan
431. Kharkivs’ka Oblast’
432. Kildare
433. Kochi
434. Komárom-Esztergom
435. L’vivs’ka Oblast’
436. Larisa
437. Liege (FR)
438. Lower Austria
439. Lubelskie
440. Lucerne
441. Mayo
442. Misamis Oriental
443. Moere og Romsdal
444. Nara
445. Nei Monggol
446. Nelson
447. Neuchatel
448. Niigata
449. Nizhegorodskaya oblast
450. Niğde
451. Nordland
452. Norrbottens lan
453. Northwest Territories
454. Novgorodskaya oblast
455. Oaxaca
456. Okayama
457. Opolskie
458. Osjecko-baranjska zupanija
459. Pafos
460. Parma
461. Perugia
462. Plovdiv
463. Pordenone
464. Prince Edward Island
465. Pskovskaya oblast
466. Puebla
467. Reggio Emilia
468. Regiao AutOnoma da Madeira
469. Ribe
470. Rio Grande do Norte
471. Rizal
472. SIstan va Balûchestan
473. Saga
474. Salaj
475. Sarawak
476. Savona
477. Shizuoka
478. Sichua
479. Sinaloa
480. Stavropol’skiy kray
481. Sums ‘ka Oblast’
482. Swietokrzyskie
483. Tainan
484. Tambovskaya oblast
485. Taranto
486. Tekirdağ
487. Telemark
488. Tolna
489. Tomskaya oblast
490. Trabzon
491. Troms
492. Tyrol (AT)
493. Valais
494. Valencia
495. Valladolid
496. Varese
497. Varmlands lan
498. Vaslui
499. Vest-Agder
500. Viborg
501. Vinnyts’ka Oblast’
502. Waterford
503. Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan
504. Yukon Territory
505. Yunnan
506. Zaporiz’ka Oblast’
507. Západocesky kraj
508. Çanakkale – Photo Gallery

For 2007, the top ten cities etc. by the number of visitors are:

1. Trier, Germany (the LawPundit lives in this region and taught at the University of Trier Law School)
2. New York City, NY, USA – nyc bloggers
3. Riga, Latvia
4. London, UK
5. Los Angeles, California, USA
6. Atlanta, Georgia, USA
7. San Francisco, California USA
8. Washington (DC), USA (people in government read LawPundit) – Legal Juice
9. Frankfurt am Main, Germany
10. Chicago, Illinois, USA
11. Seattle, Washington (state), USA
12. Delhi, India
13. Houston, Texas, USA
14. Dallas, Texas, USA
15. Dublin, Ireland
16. Phoenix, Arizona, USA
17. Toronto, Canada
18. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
19. Miami, Florida, USA
20. San Diego, California, USA
21. Irvine, Orange County, California, USA (high tech center)
22. Denver, Colorado, USA
23. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
24. Boston, Massachusetts, USA
25. Orlando, Florida, USA
26. Portland, Oregon, USA
27. Athens, Greece
28. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
29. Mumbai, India (formerly Bombay)
30. Pleasanton, CA (Alameda County, California), USA (high tech center, ranked the wealthiest middle-class city in the USA by the Census Bureau in 2005) – The Dilbert Blog neighborhood
31. Kansas City, Missouri, USA
32. Omaha, Nebraska, USA
33. Amsterdam, Netherland
34. Paris, France
35. Birmingham, UK
36. Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
37. Sydney, Australia
38. Chennai, India (formerly Madras)
39. Columbus, Ohio, USA
40. Montreal, Canada
41. Tampa, Florida, USA
42. Berlin, Germany
43. Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
44. Arlington, Virginia, USA
45. Austin, Texas, USA
46. Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
47. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
48. St. Louis, Missouri, USA – St.Louis Blawgs
49. Richardson (U of Texas at Dallas)
50. Nashville, Tennessee, USA
51. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
52. Louisville, Kentucky, USA
53. Singapore
54. Boise, Idaho, USA
55. Manchester, UK
56. Richmond, Virginia, USA
57. Sacramento, California, USA
58. Brussels, Belgium
59. San Jose, California, USA
60. Southfield (near Detroit), Michigan, USA (MEDA aWard, best website)
61. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
62. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
63. Newark, New Jersey, USA
64. Syracuse, New York, USA
65. Cleveland, Ohio, USA
66. Essen, Germany
67. Jackson, Mississippi, USA
68. Jacksonville, Florida, USA
69. Brentford (Greater London), UK
70. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
71. Norfolk, Virginia, USA
72. Ottawa, Canada
73. Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
74. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
75. Munich, Germany
76. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
77. Rancho Santa Margarita, California, USA (South Orange County)
78. Tokyo, Japan
79. Alexandria, Virginia, USA
80. Auckland, New Zealand
81. Buffalo, New York, USA
82. Cologne, Germany
83. Elmhurst (suburb of Chicago), Illinois, USA
84. Hartford, Connecticut, USA
85. Littleton, Colorado, USA – Littleton government
86. Milan, Italy
87. Rockville, Maryland, USA
88. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
89. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
90. Ft. Worth, Texas, USA
91. Helsinki, Finland
92. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
93. Lisbon, Portugal
94. Manila, Philippines
95. San Antonio, Texas
96. Spokane, Washington –
97. Thames Ditton (a suburb of Greater London), UK – Wulfweard the White
98. Vienna, Austria – Vienna Daily Photo, Change Management Blog
99. Zurich, Switzerland – Zürich Daily Photo, Expat-Experience in Zürich