The Amazing Swirling Dancing Silhouette Appears to Swirl Either Right or Left Depending on the Dominant Half of Your Brain

Via Terra Byte. If you stare at the swirling silhouette figure long enough, you should see her swirling left sometimes and right sometimes, at least, we can.

The swirling silhouette is an optical illusion.

We have discovered that if you stare at the shadow of her lower foot, that shadow foot goes back and forth left and right but never goes full around, and that is the secret of the entire figure – which never does in fact go around in a full circle. We looked at the animated dancer.gif offline with Paint Shop Pro Animation and that is in fact the conclusion to be drawn.

By the way, the shadow of the arms at the bottom goes right – middle – left always.

SpringWidgets from Fox Interactive Media : Web Widget Applications for Bloggers and Desktops Widgets for Users, e.g. RSS Widget

Web Widgets and Desktop Widgets (small customizable easily portable applications) are the coming thing, no question about it.

SpringWidgets from Fox Interactive Media

We have, for example, tried out and applied the customizable SpringWidgets as launched in November 2007 by Fox Interactive Media. We have installed a SpringWidget on our desktop as an RSS reader widget and find it to be a possible replacement for our old-fashioned blog readers and news aggregators. Moreover, one can make one’s own SpringWidget, e.g. our LawPundit Widget, which we feature at the top of the right column of our blawg (this is similar to the SpringWidget RSS desktop widget). It is an easy method of publishing and syndicating blog postings just about anywhere, including social networking sites and by e-mail.

SpringWidgets have been reviewed by Michael Arrington at TechCrunch, who writes inter alia:

Each widget can be embedded on a website or placed on a desktop. And they are easily shared, so if a website visitor sees a widget they like they can click a link and add it to their own site, or their desktop, or both. That’s an important innovation, and a useful one for websites. For example, a blog could include a widget on the site that shows the RSS feed for the blog. Loyal readers could download the widget to their desktop.