Sevenload As An Alternative to YouTube for Video Uploading and Downloading – Andis Kaulins in 2007 Hitting a 300-Yard Drive

OK, here is the 60-year old LawPundit at Golf Club Cochem on the Moselle driving range hitting a drive 300 yards at the start of the 2007 golf season. I swung a bit too hard on this one, but to see why the ball travels as far as it does, turn off the sound and just concentrate on the speed of the clubhead at impact and beyond. Clubhead speed gives you that extra distance. Swing THROUGH.

Germany has come up with an interesting photo and video site called sevenload that serves for many as an alternative to YouTube. As written at is Germany’s leading digital media platform for photos and videos on the internet.

Sevenload (correctly written without the capital S as sevenload) is available not only in German, but also in English and Turkish, with more languages planned. Here are the links:

sevenload in English :
sevenload in German:
sevenload in Turkish:

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