Two Articles on the Growing Power of Blogs – via Neil J. Squillante of TechnoLawyer

Neil J.Squillante of TechnoLawyer sent me the following e-mail some time ago under the title: “Two Articles on the Growing Power of Blogs”. I had not posted it yet but here now is Neil’s email on this important topic (the links in his email are operative):

Hi Andis,

In case you missed them, FindLaw recently published two
articles about blogs:

In “How Bloggers Influence Corporations,” David Canton of
eLegal Canton issues a wake-up call to large corporations.
In so doing, he cites several BlawgWorld blawgs, including
Canadian Privacy Law Blog, Michael Geist’s Blog, and
George’s Employment Blawg. Read the article.

In “The State of Legal Blogs: A Report From the Frontlines,” founder Bill Gratsch discusses the breadth and
diversity of today’s legal blogosphere compared to the early
days five years ago. He also lists several blawg
directories, including his own, our BlawgWorld
eBook, and the always mysterious Blawg Review. Read the


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