The Problem of Being Kaulins – Websites, Blogs and their Authors – A Case of Mistaken Identity – Too many Kaulinses

We recently received several emails confusing us with other people on the Internet among other things because of our personal name, Andis Kaulins, which for many years we ourselves thought to be unique on this planet, which has turned out not to be the case.

There is for example another Andis Kaulins on this planet, no relation to us whatsoever, who has a blog called Andis Kaulins in China and he also blogs at Spaces, MySpace, and Tumblr at those links. There may be more, but we do not know of them.

I myself have two – and only two – blogs at with the name Kaulins in them, the blog Kaulins and the Andis Kaulins Blog (see my Blogspot profile).

All other blogs at with the name Kaulins in them are NOT my blogs.

There is unfortunately an anonymous blogger at who is creating some ill will in the community. This person is posting in part objectionable material at the addresses kaulins2.blogspot through kaulins7.blogspot. I AM NOT THIS BLOGGER nor is this person any relation to my family, near or far, and I distance myself completely from the materials found there.

Nevertheless, should this blogger ever com across this posting here, please be advised that you are posting copyrighted material to your blogs without attribution and that some people out there are not very pleased about it. Please tell your readers where your material – as copyrighted by others – is coming from, or remove it from the Internet.

It is of course an irritation to me that someone out there is doing something like this, because the surname Kaulins has a good reputation in Latvia, where the name originates. For example, the first music journal in Latvia was published by a Kaulins, a Kaulins had a famous private library in Latvia which served as a foundation for today’s library at the University of Latvia, a Kaulins was a famous linguist at the University of Latvia, and a Kaulins has produced Latvia’s astronomy almanac. We have also had black sheep – the most famous Communist in Latvia was a Kaulins as was also the best-known leading director of a kolkhoz in Soviet days.

The heart of the problem is that anonymity on blogs – availed to by our mysterious poster – is a double-edged sword. We all applaud it when someone is anonymously reporting news from an area of the world where revealing the author’s name would be a danger to him. On the other hand, permitting anonymity also permits people to post the daftest things on the Internet, often showing the black side of human nature, which is present on this planet in abundance. So why add to the negatives on this planet by posting objectionable material anonymously. It is something that we simply do not understand.

We ourselves DO NOT post anonymously – anywhere. Thank you.