Why Celebrate the New Year Now? did Julius Caesar reform the calendar? or the Egyptians before him? and are there large errors in man’s chronology?

Happy New Year 2008 is just a few days distant,
but why do we celebrate the New Year now and not at some other time?

N.S. Gill at about.com has a nice posting about the Julian Calendar and the Julius Caesar (?) Calendar Reform at

Prior to that calendar reform, whenever it actually happened (see below), ancient chronology is a mess. Over the years we have tried to draw attention to the problem by pointing out obvious errors in analysis of the available evidence as made by scholars in the field in formulating the timeline of man’s ancient history.

Indeed, we have also suggested some obvious corrections to chronology based upon our analysis of the evidence available. EVIDENCE is not a main concern of the humanities, and chronology is a very good example of that.

See e.g. a new source out of Egypt
for evidence that the calendar reform ascribed to Caesar occurred even earlier

and then look at more evidence concerning the errors committed by mainstream academia in assigning a chronology to Moses and the consequences of those errors at
Moses and Exodus (the short version)
or see the link below for the longer version
with King Tut (Tutankhamun)

and then view my Absolute Chronology of the World by Astronomy at

and see in that regard the ancient Egyptian chronology of Manetho at

and see also my comments on the erroneous Maya chronology of mainstream Maya scholars at
as related to the Pharaonic calendric count at

That is enough material to suggest some of the major problems (and possible solutions) that currently exist in man’s chronology of his own ancient past, errors which have been made due to faulty analysis of the evidence available.

There is definitely still a lot of “calendric work” to be done before we have man’s history and calendration right.